Custom fanart for Arcade Stick use. any interest?


Hi, as you can see, I’m new here (long time lurker though!) I post a lot on NeoGaf … which might be a good thing or a bad thing, depends who you ask I guess.

Anyways, I was talking to MarkMan about this and he encouraged me to make a post here and see if anybody would be interested. Most of the time I see Arcade Stick template art, its for the most part graphic design done by the company or fans applying fanart and some various degrees of Photoshop. Id like to get into this as a third option, such as doing commissioned fanart for templates for the TE, SE sticks, HRAPS, etc…

Skill wise, I’m not like, the shit, but Ive done things here and there. I was one of the winners of the Street Fighter IV Inside Cover contest, for instance:

And I tried to contribute to the Darkstalkers tribute book, but Udon wasn’t pleased enough to include it, haha:

I do other stuff too artwise, heres some links if you’re interested:

Art Blog

So yeah, hopefully this doesnt come off as spam, this is definitely an area where I would like to contribute to the fighting game scene and what better place to get started than here. Thanks guys.


How about the Ghost in the Shell chick in a sexy pose on one of those spider tank robot things?


I always wanted to make a Ghost in the Shell template for my TE. Its gotta be perfect though and I haven’t found good high-res art to work with yet :frowning:

For the thread starter, you might wanna make this or move this thread to the image mishmash forum. That’s where all the other artists take requests and share their work at.


Xavi = FTW.

Don’t sleep, this guy is pro.


Dam guy that’s some really impressive stuff. If you’re not the shit then dam I’m something so low I can’t even think of a name for it :sweat:


Wow, dude that’s some excellent work.

The Chrono Trigger Frog work was epic! Also, that’s the only picture of Squall I’ve ever been impressed with - you made him look tough!


Pro shit right here! Bishamon looks pimpin. :rock:


very impressive… esp the CT artwork… sadly not many artists make em


Xavi, your artwork is fantastic. Been browing your deviant art page and your stuff is beautiful.

I highly recommend that you post your artwork in very small resolutions because many arcade stick owners steal artwork off of deviant art, print it on their arcade stick and the original artwork owner never knows a thing about it. Furthermore when someone is asked where they got the artwork from they just say “deviant art” and don’t even bother mentioning the original authors name.


That looks absolutely fantastic, I already have a rough image in mind that I want to use for a stick, If you’re interested I’d like to see what you can do (and a estimate for the art :slight_smile: )


Great idea.

Would you be willing to ink and color user sketch submissions?

I can draw, but I can’t color, lol


Awesome! Just let me know :slight_smile:

Haha, sure thing


Eh, not to burst your bubble, but there was one guy already shut down for doing commissioned art on sticks, that it was illegal to use someone else’s IP as their own.

Don’t know whether that will happen if yours is 100% hand drawn, but there’s a possibility if it’s of pre-existing characters that someone else owns a copyright to that it will happen.

Good luck either way. You definitely got skills.


I would definitely be interested in a E. Honda template.


i would love a sakura template…
if you could like have all the variatinos of her from chibi to sf4… that would be awesome…

but if i could be really gready…

what are the chances you could do like a sf4 cast vs one piece crew thing???
hahahh dude… that would be the ultimate


You got a great and original drawing style, keep it coming!


I like your stuff a lot. I think we could do some sexy work together.


Thanks guys, again, if you have something in mind send me a PM and we can discuss further :smiley:


pm sent


I’m interested. PM sent!