Custom fight stick questions


My first post, so apologies if this info is available elsewhere, i did have a mooch around and found a lot of answers, but not all

I’m looking/hoping to make a custom fight stick for my xbox one, i have already found videos on how to wire up the PCB, and have found parts i want to use(Sanwa)

I have also scoped out the following parts, can someone tell me if i’m missing something off this list please:

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Ball Top Joystick
Joystick carriage nuts and bolts
Sanwa buttons(x 8)
Other buttons(x 3) for general use, start, select, power
PCB(s) from Xbox One Pad
Sanwa JLF-H 5 Pin Cable
USB A/B cable
USB A/B feed through connector

Do i need:

A new restrictor gate(i will be playing fighting games mainly, looking at Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Gate), i’m not sure if these come with my joystick or not

My main questions are:

One of the things i couldn’t find is the clearance size needed to comfortably fit the innards of the joystick into my custom case, i want to try and make it as compact as possible
How silent are the ‘silent’ buttons/joystick compared to the normal
What are the advantages of snap in buttons over screw in
Is there anything i am obviosuly missing(apart from the case…i’ll sort that one out)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Please be gentle, it’s my first post and if someone can recommend me a different way to go about this, then please feel free

Word of warning though, i live in the UK and same things are not available to me(one of which being the Brook PCB for all systems, which is why i am having to strip out a controller)


As long as your case is 2.5 inches tall you’ll have more than enough room for the JLF and PCB. Depending on the thickness of the panel you could get away with shorter. My buttons are just standard Sanwa ones with these things inserted. I noticed a bit of a difference in sound but not a whole lot.

I do believe the JLF comes with a square gate. If that’s what you prefer, you’re good to go. If you want an octogate you’ll need to spring for it. I myself prefer octo. I think if you wait a bit, you should be able to score a Brook PCB in your neck of the woods. It being exclusive to a few places will end in a month or so. I myself am waiting for Focus Attack to start carrying it.

The main advantage of snap in buttons over screw in ones that I noticed is there’s more of a variety of colours. If you have a thin panel, snap in buttons would be the way to go. If it’s a wooden panel, I think you’ll need the screw in ones.

Also, looks like you’re good to go for making a stick. If you’re looking for a premade case, Foe Hammer has some nice ones. My case is a Foe Hammer one. They ship from the US though so shipping to the UK might be a bit pricey.

thanks for the reply

i was hoping to use a wooden panel so it was lot more sturdier, so i will have to rethink my design if i can only use snap in buttons on a thinner panel, and the Sanwa screw in’s look a bit confusing…research is needed

i’ve already sort of factored the octo gate in, as i don’t mind having spares to replace or make new sticks in the future

The issue i have with the Brook PCB, is that it will cost more than double of what i can score a wired Xbone controller for…decisions decisions

i think i may just use really cheap wood at first so i can get the size and layout correct before i commit to buying decent timber…i have ideas above my station at the moment, think BIG is what i’m doing =)

If you’re gonna only use it on an Xbone, I’d just padhack. Although depending on what pcb you decide to use, you’ll most likely need to invert the triggers.

For timber, if you’re going to prime and paint it as opposed to staining, poplar is a good choice. It’s fairly cheap compared to other woods and it’s pretty sturdy. Well in Canada at least, not sure about the prices of wood or what’s available in the UK.

thanks, i will be priming and painting, the price of wood is silly here, i will shop around though, local merchants are builders only, so it is the crappest wood known to man

again, thanks for the advice, all input is welcome as a beginner

for an example quote, i have put in measurements of 400x220x95mm and been quoted £40

i think i need to go down the really cheap wood option first and get my measurements correct and then decide