Custom Fight Stick Woes


Hello, I decided to make my own fight stick by modding a PC gamepad. However I have run into an odd problem. Whenever I hit down on the fight stick, left also registers.

Upon inspection I found that if I merely touched one of the wires connected to down then left would register. This makes absolutely no sense to me as how is it completing a circuit by just touching one control wire?

When I was wiring the controller up I tested each button individually and they all worked… it wasn’t till I hooked it up to my fightstick that this problem started happening. I suspected it could be the actual joystick itself so I disconnected the offending wires, and the problem persists.

If anyone has run into a similar problem and would have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Additionally the gamepad I used was this one if it turns out the board is bad, would anyone recommend an alternate controller?


Another person had that same problem.


isn’t that pad non common ground?

What joystick are you using? if you are using a joystick with PCB that requires all the directions have a common, that could be the problem. Anyways if that PCB won’t do then there is always the trusty old Cthulhu PCB by Toodles.