Custom Fight Sticks

Sorry if this was a recent topic but I am new here so bare with me. Im curious to know if anyone knows where I can find someone that can add custom art to a TE Fight Stick within Baltimore, MD; and if its nowhere near Balitmore, then at least the tri-state area. Any takers, me and some friends are checking around as opposed to doing it ourselves.

Does no one check the stickies anymore?

Also, just to be clear, modifying a TE does not make it a custom.

Thank you…Im sorry I really just didn’t know lol

Does that mean you’re not willing to do a DIY custom work and not willing to order custom parts online?

download template
edit template with art
print template
cut template
open stick
remove art
replace art
close stick

Pretty much lol, I just dont have the time but I would like to have it done

You can just go to and for custom artwork, spring, mods, buttons, balltops, and more. I’d suggest going for a DIY because it is dirt easy.

And customizing a fightstick will literally take you less then an hour when you know what you’re doing which is pretty easy after you watch a video on it.

Any tutorial video takes about 15-20 mins or less. You’re telling me you don’t have an hour and 20 mins or less. Do you know how much money you’ll be saving? I’m well aware of shipping delivery time on all online products but think about it. If you wanted a modder to mod your stick they wouldn’t have all the parts you would want on your custom stick especially artwork. They to would have to wait for your parts then assemble it.

Come on get real. You’d be saving a bunch of money with just an hour of time.