Custom fightstick trouble on PC

I’m having trouble getting my custom sticks to work on SFV. Running it with steam and have tried sticks with both a Cthulhu MC PCB and a PS360+ PCB neither are recognized by the game. Both boards are noticed by USFIV and other steam games without any issues. I’ve even mapped it with JoytoKey running as admin with similar results. Does anyone have a fix?

X360ce for 64Bit Games:

folder to place the program in (yes you can place the whole programm there for the case you want to change things later on the fly)

Steam\SteamApps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighte rV\Binaries\Win64\

Thanks, after quickly configuring it works seamlessly.

if you are using the PS360+ you have to use it in Xbox360 mode. PC SF 5 only recognizes X-input sticks

X360ce works for the ps360+ but not the Cthulhu, so I configured JoytoKey in the binaries folder and it works perfectly (at least in win7).