CUSTOM FS HELP JOYSTICK PROBLEMS (1st time poster/modder)


First of all, this is my first post. Second of all I apologize if this post is in the wrong area. And thirdly, I tried looking for an answer for my specific problem and can’t seem to find anything that seems to be my unique problem.

Now, After much research and months of ordering parts at a time I finally got all the parts needed to build a custom FS. Everything was going well, UNTIL i got to the joystick. All the buttons worked perfectly and were recognized when inputting them into my PC’s device menu (the one where you can see what direction you’re pushing and can calibrate it and such. Anyway, for some reason the JLF, doesn’t recognize any of the inputs. I found an old picture on SRK about how to wire it i think it was by rtdzign i think his name was, and it didn’t work ( I tried all combinations just incase i was being stupid). For some reason, only 3 inputs come out, and those 3 are all wrong, any other inputs do not show up at all. Example: when i hit left on my joystick, it registers down, when i hit back+up it registers up, and when i hit down+back it registers Forward+down. I’m not sure why this happened and if its the pcb or the joystick itself. I wouldn’t think its the pcb because the buttons work fine, but I am new to this so any hlep would b appreciated asap, as I am in need of this FS before march 2nd if possible and 8th at the latest:(.

Joystick I bought is Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick from Focus Attack.
Images for/about my problem:

The Harness


The art: Just so this post isnt a total bore XD


This wiring guide?

Take note that you are using a nonstandard wire harness with a Sanwa JLF, the so the colors are off.

Try this for your wiring
Red - Ground
Yellow - Right
Black - Left
Orange - Up
green - Down


ahh it has worked, i give you a thousand thanks.

i was wondering why the wire was in a different order.