Custom harness help for Paewang revolution


I bought this custom harness for the Paewang and it works however, some buttons don’t work right and the directions are all wrong on the stick(I press left and it goes up)


Photos of this harness please


The one I used for the joystick

The one for the buttons

The thing is they both work but not the right way.


The one you use for joystick looks standard make sure it’s wired up correctly.

The one for the buttons seems fine make sure nothing is going to the wrong location.


I mean the harnesses in your stick
take a photo of your stick’s wiring.

Like what Valvados suggested make sure you got the right wires to the right solder points.


Thanks for the tips


Are you using a pcb on the stick?

Depending on what stick you have you may need to unscrew the gate, lift the pcb up, rotate it(ccw 90), then rescrew and retest.

As for the buttons, uhhhhh did you solder it? Need more information, “some” is not enough. Specific examples would help more


I want to add the joystick harness is not custom, that is a standard 5 pin harness for Sanwa and Seimitsu joiysticks


I spent a few hours messing around with it and got it to work