Custom image on HRAP3 but

I just got all my buttons and new bat-top for my HRAP3, and I have the perfect image picked out for the top plate. It is sized up to a HRAP3 template and everything. Nearly every tutorial I’ve seen said to peel off the current “carbon fiber” art but I want to keep that. I like the way it looks too!

What are some options that allow me to keep that looking like new, but also have my custom art on there?

(Also, what are some methods to make the art look good and not home made? From what I’ve seen, Kinko’s best quality printing on a hard-stock paper, and the best lamination after you cut out the holes. Is that about it?)

I’m also open to the idea of fabricating my own plate to replace the current one, but I don’t have anything more than common “tool shed” type of tools available to me.

It might be worthy to note that I used all Sanwa buttons that snap in. No threaded. They fit very nicely in the current holes and I do want to maintain that, regardless of art. I kept the Sanwa joystick that the Hori’s come with, though.

Sorry for being long-winded. Thanks!