Custom JLF Springs


We went ahead and had the run of springs done…
As an engineer it made NO SENSE to stack springs. I know people do it but then they rub, bind and there is no way you can get the proper action. So we had a set of springs made to allow people to tune in the stiffeness without combining springs.

At actuation depth, JLFs are just under 1lbf (calculated .9), LS32 springs in a JLF bring the total up to about 2lbf (adding about 1.1)… and so on. We have not tested these in other sticks, but that’s coming up soon!

0.5 lbf spring (1/2 JLF) for the weaker ones :slight_smile:
2.0 lbf spring (JLF + LS32) 1 spring instead of two!!!
3.0 lbf spring (3 x a JLF, smooth and nice to handle)
4.0 lbf spring (4.5 x a JLF, this is stiff but smooth, combine this with a short throw and you have a responsive stick!!!)
6.0 lbf spring, A great way to get good force you on a longer shaft!
9.0 lbf spring, Good for building forearm muslces

We are going to make these available at 1.25 each or getting a 5 pack of 2.0-9.0 lbf for 5.


When will these be available? Sounds awesome


IMO the 2lb options sounds great. It is hella low budget when I need to combine springs to get the resistance I want.


I am playing around with the 3 and liking it


I never understood this logic!

BTW, for low resistance switches, which do you recommend that feels closest to stock or even better?


Cherries are lower resistance


Based on past experience, you’d have to get the higher resistance built into the spring to use it with the LS-40.
I was never able to successfully put more than one LS-32 spring on that control lever… There just isn’t the room there for it without having an unbearably high resistance on the resulting joystick. I think the low resistance with the one LS-32 spring in that joystick (LS-40) is the reason why some of us have consistency issues when using it. I’ve never encountered that problem with one-spring LS-32 or spring-modded LS-32s. The -32 and -40 are very different joystick levers despite what some FAQs report.

I’m not a weight trainer and frankly any spring-modded joystick feels stiffer after you haven’t used it for a while. Only consistently hard use wears the spring down that much…

To me, anything above 6.0lbs force (for a long shaft control lever) is overkill…
Changing resistance in the main reason I remove the C-rings and replace them with E-rings on all my LS-32-01’s.

Honestly, I don’t think I could use the 0.5lb f spring or the 9.0lb f spring.


I would be interested in this product…how long till the expected date of shipments etc etc


They should be listed today or tomorrow, product is in hand, testing is complete…

Georgec, Thank you for the input!

Remember that these are the force of the spring when compressed, not the force required to actuate the lever. So it does not require 9lbs of pressure to actuate the joystick, and longer shafts require less pressure. The .5 and 9lbf were included for variety. of solutions and to be used with other possible joysticks with different compression of the actuation springs.


I meant if you put in cherries or zippies, what spring would feel best and which would feel most like the stock?


Gotcha… let me do some testing :slight_smile:


I’d still be interested in getting samples to see what they could do on both the LS-32 and LS-40 joystick levers.
As it is, I think all the Japanese joystick levers I’ve tried have been on the low side of resistance and could do with a bit more tension.
I definitely think they’re all on the loose side in stock condition with the JLF being the worst offender of all the control levers I’ve tried.

I’ve been successful getting the LS-32 to a more comfortable resistance level for me – I like to play retro games and frankly the JLF is horrible where I’m concerned for CPS-2/SNK fighting games – but it’s somewhat inconsistent across the board because there’s no way with stacking or screwing/twisting springs together that it’ll be the same for every example of LS-32(-01) that I use.

I gave up trying to ratchet the tension on the LS-40 because of the space issue on that joystick. The spring retainer just can’t hold more than a spring with LS-32 spec. Only the one LS-32 spring ever compressed nicely without having an overly stiff result that lost all the LS-40’s mobility. A stiffer spring that could fit the shaft (spring retainer) would definitely help in that case.

(* I still like the LS-40-01 and would buy more if a) I had more spare cash; and b) it were easier to get ahold of them… I don’t think I’d have 3 LS-40 levers installed in joystick bases if I didn’t like them in spite of some technical issues!)

I’m otherwise surprised the LS-40(-01) isn’t more popular among the mod/arcade stick community because it’s in some respects better built than either the JLF or LS-32(-01) and could have a better reputation with somewhat more resistance… Throw is definitely one of the issues that caused me to give up on the JLF – you just can’t get around it on that joystick and the mods I’ve seen to address this have gotten ridiculous and require too much work to be practical and will wear off after some time IMHO.

It’s much more difficult to do dash moves consistently with a JLF than it is the LS-32 or LS-40. I like to use Demitri in Darkstalkers so I know the JLF definitely is NOT the joystick for those games! The LS-40 takes even less input/has less throw than the LS-32 but would be closer to perfect with a bit more resistance…


I’ll definitely buy some of these! I love my JLF but its just a little too loose for how I play and being able to fine tune that is perfect.


Good luck with that! Even if you get the tension right, you still can’t fix the throw or switch engage time on the JLF. I just feel all the mods for those things are too complicated and eat up time for questionable results. I like the KISS principle… some mods are too much work to be practical long-term.

Some people adapt to ther JLF idiosyncracies, others like me find alternatives. To each his own and own level of comfort…


I am currently using a GT-C, Kowal’s actuator and short shaft (my JLF is directly mounted to the case) and a stiffer spring for my JLF mod. It results in a seimitsu like engage with the smooth motion of the JLF. On top of that, I am using modded zippy microswitches for faster engage. Any motion will cause an engage on my stick. The throw is obviously short due to the actuator and the shorter shaft.

I won’t comment on using in shmtups though. But I much prefer the way it performs in fighting games over stock JLF anyday.

I think the stock JLF is just about the worse joystick ever made. And I played with a lot of sticks. But one thing it has going for it, is its high modability (moreso than seimitsus it seems to me).


Any suggestions for what spring to use when using Toodles “Spark Optical” switch board? Currently I am using a single LS-55 spring to bring it back to the stiffness that it was with the stock spring + the resistance of the switches, but think it is a little too light on the resistance just a tad. With a slightly tighter spring I think it would return to neutral faster and better, but don’t want it any more stiff than say a stock LS-32 or LS-40


I dont have any big problems with the JLF so far, just that I wish there was a little more resistance. Though this is the only stick I’ve used apart from the ones in the arcades (which the JLF is an enormous improvement over for me), I’m sure once there’s some more extra money I’ll give different sticks a try.


Are these available yet?..I don’t see them on your site.


[quote=“therobin, post: 7070848, member: 5182”

I think the stock JLF is just about the worse joystick ever made. And I played with a lot of sticks. But one thing it has going for it, is its high modability (moreso than seimitsus it seems to me).[/quote]

I don’t think the JLF is QUITE that bad but I certainly don’t care for the performance with older fighting games. (It’s the Happ/American parts that I DON’T care for… They were very uncomfortable to use back in the arcade days. The comfort and performance of the Japanese parts I’ve used has been far superior.) The recentering and switch activation were too slow for my likes. It still is fine for newer fighting games and Marvel Vs Capcom 2… However, I won’t even try to play Darkstalkers or SF Alpha with that joystick, period!

The advantage the Seimitsu joysticks have besides the shorter throw and faster recentering is with the gated microswitches. I think their switches activate a bit quicker and the gates have made it more comfortable for me to use the square gates on the Seimitsu brand joysticks. In fact, I stopped used circle gates on the LS-32 altogether and it’s been very comfortable for me. Of course, the way LS-series microswitches are made makes the LS-series even louder than the JLF…

The LS-32 is definitely the most modifiable Seimitsu joystick IMHO… It just has more accessories for it since it’s the most popular LS-series joystick out there. It’s also the joystick that’s worked out best for me as far as spring mods are concerned. Plenty of room for spring experimentation.

The first LS-32 I ever played opened my eyes… it’s just night and day between using a JLF and an LS-32. A lot of moves I had problems with were easier on the LS-32 and even in stock condition it had tighter tension than the JLF.

Second most modifiable LS-joystick would definitely be the LS-56/-58 series. LS-40 is just tough to mod because of the spring situation. I was hoping to maybe try a spring or two from Paradise Arcade on the next order I give them to see if it makes any difference. The spring would have to have tighter tension – there’s just no room with the LS-40 spring retainer to stack let alone screw springs together.


[quote=GeorgeC, post: 7074119, member: 12433]

[quote=“therobin, post: 7070848, member: 5182”… is with the gated microswitches. I think their switches activate a bit quicker and the gates have made it more comfortable for me to use the square gates on the Seimitsu brand joysticks.[/quote]

The Matsushita microswitches engage at the same exact distance as the Omron’s Sanwa uses. And, actually, having taken both apart, the Omron’s are of much higher quality. Also, the Matsushita’s that Seimitsu use are of higher tension, at least when comparing the LS-40 to the JLF. Much more tension actually…

The reason for the quicker activation would have to be with how close the switches are to the lever. In the case of Seimitsu, they all use levered switches, which makes it so there is less distance between the actuator and the switch, but that would only make sense if the switches are distanced the same from the lever, and then you have actuator width to consider, too. The other reason why the stick may feel “quicker” would be throw distance, the less throw you have, the less room you move the stick so if you ride the gate, you’ll have faster movement. This comes down to the size of the gate and the width of the actuator.