Custom Joy Stick problems - help


Ok so I’ve posted some of my work on the forum before and at this point I’ve modded a SE stick, built a full custom stick with a Mad Catz PCB soldered by yours truly, and a second full custom stick with a PCB soldered by modchip man.

Both of the custom sticks have buttons randomly stop working. Sometimes it goes away by itself, sometimes it requires me to re-crimp the qd on the button. AFAIK i’m not crimping the qd on any special or retarded way, I was a car audio installer for awhile and not a novice with eletronics. I have tried solid and stranded core wire and I can’t find any difference in the random failures.

I guess my question is from you experienced stick builders is there anything special I need to do to keep this from occurring or is there some special pressure/force put on the buttons that I’m not accounting for.

Help :wasted:


Sounds more like a soldering issue to me, maybe you need to resolder the offending buttons?