Custom Joysticks Allowed at EVO?


Hey there, I’m thinking of going to EVO with an absolutely custom made joystick. Are they allowed?

Basically, its a Sanwa Balltop with 8 way plate, and 11 Sanwa buttons (Cross Square Circle Triangle, Select, Start, L1,L2,R1,R2 and PS Button) Start/select/PS button have neato lockout switches with flip guards!

Its running a custom ATMEGA168 (i.e Arduino style) chip programmed and wired as a PS3 wired joystick with a nice thick USB Cable. There’s absolutely no fluff with this controller, it shows up as “Hsienko’s Joystick” on Windows, Plugs in on the PS3 like any Madcatz and Doesn’t work at all on the Xbox360 (but I don’t really care).

The Case is currently a plane lacquered pine box, looks like a humidor, soon it’ll get some kickass artwork and plexi glass

Sorry no pictures I’m not at home :slight_smile:


As you enter EVO your stick will be scanned to determine if it is a genuine Madcatz product and you will be asked to perform the Madcatz salute. If you fail, you will immediately be ejected in violent fashion.

Seriously though your custom stick is fine.


Interesting build. Got more details on the ATMEGA (and why your own board instead of an off the shelf solution like a Cthulhu or Cerberus)?


Evo doesn’t care. As long as it’s not a wireless and you don’t use turbos, you can use whatever you want.


I decided to use my own design because:

A. I wasn’t aware of the premade solutions until I stumbled across them long after I built my own.

B. ATmega is a really versatile chip and can do damn near anything you want with the right code.

C. It’s cheaper to build your own because 1. If you can make up a believable sample request you can order free fully working blank samples from ATMEL and 2. I had most of the supporting electronics lying around my room because I’m a bit of a computer geek.

I used slightly tweaked code from this: and this:


Oh, here’s a quick up of the artwork I made for it :slight_smile: