Custom Joysticks

Hey Greetings to gamers that play fighting games. My name is Stanley and i have information regarding custom joysticks. I know there other companies and joystick builders out there, but i offer another choice. My sticks are used all around, specially at tournaments. Maybe some of you have seen my work. For example at EVO 2009, the nor-cal 5 on 5 exhibition. The matches that he almost came back to win. Anthony Nyugen aka “Crackfiend” won a stick from me at one of my tournaments. It is the with all the female characters from SFIV. Here is information on a stick that i am trying to sell.

This stick is a DUAL MOD Joystick just like the one Crackfiend used at EVO 2009. It has a mic. set-up and cord storage compartment. I do have more designs to choose from For more info., please contact me by e-mail or on SRK.


Try the trading outlet, that’s where the stick sellers/ custom makers have their threads.

edit: and your images don’t seem to be working…

Thanks, i tried. It won’t let me for reasons of not enough posts to qualify.