Custom keystick

I’m looking for some assistance in making a custom keyboard stick (arrow key format, not hitbox). Some advice and confirmation on what I’m doing would be really helpful before I commit to my plan. I have literally no experience in building a stick, but self-built is my only option.

Custom everything:
PS360+ PCB - I have read from some people here that it has built in SOCD so I won’t need to get a SOCD cleaner. It’s also being used by Hitbox, so I won’t really need to do much with it right?

TEK-custom case individually bought replacement panels - Essentially buying the entire case but without the top panel.

TEK custom panel - This is a main concern for me. I’m not entirely sure if the custom panel (Madcatz TE base) will fit TEK’s custom case. I’ve found some measurements and noticed that the Madcatz TE panel is like 0.35 inches larger on both sides than TEK’s case. Will this matter? (Case is 13.5 x 8.5, panel is 13.85 x 8.85 from

Sanwa buttons - They’re standard buttons I believe?

Wires and connectors - These ones are fine?

What’s the point of the neutrik port? Is it simply just for convenience of being able to put away the USB wire or does it serve a more important usage I’m missing? Does a simple male A/B usb cord cover both PS3 and X360?

Is there anything major I will need to be aware of when crafting this setup (am I even getting the right materials)? I’m basically following this video guide by focusattack: and extrapolating the button setup to the directionals.

Yeah, it shold be fine.

You should probably contact ART about getting a custom face panel if you’re buying a TEK case.

Sanwa, or seimitsu, yes.

They should be, though you’ll need more than 16 for an all button controller. You need two connectors per button with 8 face buttons, 4 directions, Start, Select, Home/Guide, and Turbo/System Select you might want 32 connectors. I would suggest getting one 16 wire set and two of the 10 connector ground chains since the PCB is unlikely to have a lot of ground terminals, though that does mean splitting the colored pairs. If you’re not afraid of crimping (or soldering), there may be less expensive options.

The neutrik is effectively just for passing the chord through the case wall (you probably understand correctly). You can just pass the wire through a hole in the case instead - though the stress that happens there can be bad for the cable. One kind of Neutrik is for the USB cable. Another is used for the alternative console compatability stuff.

With the PS360, a single USB A/B chord will work for both PS3 and Xbox360.

Here is mine.

I have read somewhere that you can emulate the home button via start + select. Does this mean an actual home button is still necessary? And what does the Turbo/System select button do?

I’m making an arrow key setup. Not Hitbox style. I know Art has a pre-built Hitbox design on his site, but that’s irrelevant to me unfortunately. Though that wiring looks really clean. What did you use?