Custom KOF Fightstick template

Hey guys,

I thought I would post my process of my Madcatz Fightstick custom I am doing. This one is a little bit different. Instead of using some preset artwork and photoshopping it. I decided to illustrate my own, photoshop it, and post it for you guys to see.

Elisabeth Blanctorche is one of my favorite King of Fighters characters, I really wanted to make my Madcatz my own.

I will be getting a custom plexi from Arthong, and I’ve ordered coloured buttons to match the design from Lizardlick.

I hope you like it. I’ll post more once my delivery comes!

That, sir, is pretty darn neat. Somebody rep this man.

Wow a Elisabeth Blanctorche template that look great ^^

Mighty fine illustration.

Lovely Liz illustration there, sir. :tup:

Thanks for the feedback guys! I plan on making another one for a custom Sanwa as well. Maybe Ash or something.

I think it looks pretty damn impressive. :tup: