Custom Korean Arcade Stick


Ok well I just bought a Omni Arcade Stick -Korean Edition- stick form etokki and I also bought an extra Myoungshin Fanta stick for the art. Now that I have an extra stick just sitting here I’ve decided to make my own stick. So I’m thinking about getting a TEK Case from Art’s Hobbies but I don’t know if his cases fit a the Fanta stick, Does anyone know? I’m also looking for help with taking the board form a wired 360 controller. I know I need an Iron to solder the wires but is there any diagrams on how to do this. And what do I do if I make a mistake.


It wont fit its designed for jlf
also Tek cases are strong and all but I don’t know if their strong enough for a Korean stick check out some of the builders in the trading outlet they can build a wooden case for you

search the forums there’s an index for stuff in the sticky section.
what do you normally do when you mess something up you throw that shit away and hopefully learn something for next time
You can also pay someone if you’re scared their are all kinds of modders in this tech forum


A really easy mod for a K-Stick is a HRAP mod. You can either do it with plexi or a piece of metal (if you have bits)


I think the easiest way to build a custom stick is to make a very simple wooden case.
No plexi, no fancy stuff,
just buy some wood,
tell the seller to cut it for you,
use glue to assemlble the box,
cut holes only on the top panel,
and use some sandpaper to soften the edges.

Simple, clean and you could say elegant as well.

Edit: for soldering you can find very good guides on youtube.