Custom LS-32 octagonal gates


EDIT: The gates are finished and available here. There are now 8-way, 4-way, and 2-way gates available.

I haven’t been able to find any octagonal gates for the Seimitsu LS-32 joystick (I hear they don’t exist?), so I threw together a 3D model and sent it off to Shapeways for 3D printing. I haven’t gotten it back yet and it will likely need tweaking to get the exact sizes right, but I’ll post my findings on this thread. If it works well and people are interested I’ll make them available to the public.


Cool idea, but aren’t octo gates supposed to have the directions angular instead of round? I’ve thought about that kind of shape before but I was thinking over time it would wear out the directions relatively fast.


i think it is similar to how LS-56/58/33 octo gates does it

i personally havent tried that though, but seems like it shouldnt wear out that easily.


Yeah, I have two LS-56es with the above octagonal gate style. It seems odd at first glance but works just fine. I may try the angular style a little later.

I’m not sure yet on how the materials will hold up. Shapeways prints in nylon plastic and that’s supposed to be very durable. I also ordered one in alumide, which is also supposed to be quite strong with a little less flexibility.


Nylon is good, too. Should hold up well. I didn’t realize the official Seimitsu octogates were like that.


I saw this over at FocusAttack’s Facebook page earlier.

apparently its a circle sub-gate, which kinda “merges” with the shape of the main square subgate, overlapping creating a sort of octagonal gate, but not like Sanwa’s because instead of the actuator hitting the apexes of the octagon it instead hits the flat side sections of the octagon, somewhat.

I have seen that gate in some sticks before, but i never realized it had a circular sub-gate. anyone tried this yet? Is it official seimitsu product?

either way color me interested in JusticeDude’s concept, people swear by the LS-56 gates, and making an ls-32 version should be interesting.


The circle gate up there is going to feel like a square gate with harder to hit corners. It doesn’t look like a very good gate to me. It’s official though. I personally wouldn’t use that.


Personally, I don’t think people should new a new restrictor gate unless they’re absolutely hopelessly uncoordinated and can’t get used to the LS-32 as-is (aside from spring tensioning and that’s not a huge deal to change).

The LS-32 is far easier to come to grips with squaregate-wise than the JLF is… The levered microswitches, if anything, make circular AND diagonal movements easier on the LS-32 and other Seimitsu joysticks. The levers are also part of the reason why the LS-32 engages faster than the JLF.

Seimitsu did make a circular restrictor gate for the LS-32. It was a white plastic part you had to buy separately. $3. and most other vendors don’t stock the part any more but a few other places still have them. I am unsure whether Seimitsu makes this part anymore but the fact that hasn’t listed it on its website in over a year should probably be a clue since Aki-shop generally carries most, if not all, the available Seimitsu catalog. I used to use the circle gate on the LS-32 but abandoned it when I realized it got in the way of playing with fighting games and frankly wasn’t that useful. (Still have two LS-32 circle gates I was unable to sell awhile back. Didn’t throw them away. You just never know…) I like this new subguide design even less than the circle gate. Pass.

For anybody worrying about replacing the original LS-32 C-clip with an E-clip and the E-clip impacting the subguide, don’t worry. It’s never been an issue in the 4 years or so I’ve used LS-32’s. I’ve modded all of mine with 3/8" E-clips and they don’t affect operation at all. The E-clips don’t hit the gates.

As far as I can see, the only way an Octogate could be useful in an LS-32 is to remove both the subguide AND main guide from the stick base. Then, screw in the octogate. That’s the way the old circle gate was used, too. Otherwise, you’re going to have the same “knocking/long-side” issue the newer subguide will inevitably have.


The LS-32 isn’t the LS-56 and it shouldn’t be necessary to futz with the restrictor gates and get a replacement part unless you can’t come to grips with the basic switch design. I wouldn’t even touch the LS-40 gate and that’s one of the looser Seimitsu joysticks, too.


Forgot to mention earlier, but if people are interested in other gates for other sticks I’m all ears. Or any other plastic parts, really.


Yeah it’s official. There’s also an official circle-main-gate that’s white. Copped one off of Akihabarashop way back when.

And it feels great, imo. Pronounced corners but with a round feel for easy rotation. Slick shit. However I can’t recall if I used a circle-main with a square sub or a square-main with a circle-sub.


I got the parts in that I ordered, but due to a slight miscalculation the four peg-holes are slightly misplaced. Everything else about it was fine. I fixed the 3D model already and I’ll have replacements in a couple of weeks.


Except the problem is that the official white LS-32 circular gate is no longer in production…

Bryan of Paradise Arcade Shop confirmed that…

I suspected that was the case when I noticed stopped listing the white circle gate months ago.
Some shops might still have copies floating around but not the usual suspects in the US.

I think one or two of the parts shops are working on solutions for replacement LS-32 gates including a new circle gate. Prototypes of the gates might be sold or given away at the upcoming EVO event in Las Vegas.

I used to use the gate myself until I got used to the square gate on the LS-32 and felt it was better to keep the default gate on.
Still have two of these LS-32 circle gates left myself.


I got my new gate in today and it fits and works great! Get one here!


Hello just ordered 6 of them thanks for making them. Would you still leave the light blue plate on it looks like it might get in the way from the picture.

Would love one as a dedicated 2 way and another as a dedicated 4 way if your still taking suggestions.

I’m new so still trying to understand, so I take it that 8 way is different to octagonal as the LS-32 comes with a 2,4,8 way gate.
Also the pic above with the triple restrictor gate its different to the triple restrictor gate that comes with the LS32 is it a newer type or something.


The light blue plate is important as the pegs on it keep the second (grey) gate in place. It doesn’t affect the joystick’s motion, it just seems that way from the low camera angle.

If you’re interested in two and four ways, I’ll get some done soon.

Not sure what’s up with the triple gate posted above. Never seen one like that before.


Alright, I have a four way and two way up on my shop. Thanks again for your purchases and feedback.


Wow that was fast I have placed an order for one of each to test if you could do the same to see if any modifications need to be done to it and I will order some more spare after that thank you again.

You should do some more promotions on these I’m sure more people would be after them I only found this thread by accident.

Anyone ells know way the triple gate above is different to the stock.


Also is 8 way different to octagonal ?



I’ve seen two styles of 8-way gates. Sanwa has octagonal and Seimitsu has the sort of cloverleaf looking design. I just made mine to match the existing Seimitsu design.

I’ve been a little out of the fighting game/joystick scene for a little while, so if you have any ideas for where to promote I’m all ears. I’m sure more people would want these.

Some time in the indeterminate future I’ll be receiving my own 3D printer and should be able to make and sell directly to customers without going through Shapeways. They should be much cheaper and have almost no lead time. I backed a Kickstarter that should have given me a printer in May and I still don’t have it, though, so don’t wait up on me.


Thanks I have been wondering about the whole 8 way and octagonal thing.

I don’t play fighting games anyone no if one is better for old school shooters Shmups and platform games.
But from what I have read Shmups fans seem to prefer Seimitsu so I think that’s probably the way to go.