Custom MadCatz SE and artwork problem


Hi friends ! what i have done wrong ? which paper i have to use ? thx …


You want to use a medium to heavy weight paper. A paper with a good amount of thickness to it.

I can see from the bubbles and distortion in the non-damged areas of your art, you used a rather thin material for your art.
Keep in mind the average printing paper is too thin for panel printing. Especially if there no protective plexy layer.

You also want to get the paper laminated, a top layer of plastic to protect the art and resist wear and tear.

Alternatively you could also go for a vinyl print, where the art in question is printed on adhesive vinyl plastic instead of paper.
Make sure your Vinyl print also has a protective top layer.

A third option is try to acquire a plexy top for your SE. Plexy for a SE is difficult to make and hard to acquire, but there are those on SRK who do make Plexy for Mad Catz SE sticks.



I haven’t seen one and people said it makes that white bend.


can u send plexy custom SE photos links ? i never seen before


Didn’t Bencao try making some a few years back. That said, I haven’t heard of anyone actually being able to go out and market these things.


A good old lamilabel on heavy thickness paper ought to do it. As stated before, you need something that can take a beating throw hours of shifting and friction. I believe I used the 40 pound glossy lami label for my Dante HRAP VX SA last year and it still looks like I just put that bad boy on.


can u share pic of ur dante stick ?


Both Art (Tek-Innovations) and blklighting21 (Lightning Label Customs) have tried making an SE plexi with poor-to-barely-acceptable results. The slant at the bottom causes the plexi to constantly want to lift; Art has found that without securing it down at the bottom edge with screws (which is an additional mod that many people would not necessarily want to do), there’s no way to keep the plexi flat down securely over time.


I made these from some thick cardstock paper I think i used 40 or 80 lb paper matte paper, cant remember, i just know it was some cardstock paper. I recommend matter paper, only because laminating glossy paper seems to ruin the gloss. laminiating already gives you a “gloss” type of shine.
Anyway here are the SE sticks i made.


Your sticks r awesome !

i think im going to use simple glosy vehicle roof coating and gonna order all black buttons + balltop …looks more easy


I’ll take a pic when I’m at home later tonight.


What’s the standard procedure for attaching the artwork? I assume there’s something more appropriate than (for example) PVA or superglue.


You print it on an adhesive paper?


can i use vinyl wrap on panel ?


You want an adhesive polycarbonate panel.


im living in Turkey :frowning:


They ship anywhere in the world, with the exception of maybe Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.


could very expencive shipping cost , better buy a new arcade stick then panel


I had my art printed and then processed with thicker than normal lamination. I then cut it to proper size after I used 3M spray on the metal panel to glue the artwork on. worked like a charm for 2 years. use tamiya paint thinner to remove the glue whenever you feel so.


So if I have an SE design that I want done, is Kinko’s a decent place to go for a lami-label? If so, do I have a choice in the cardstock I can use? I don’t need a plexi, I simply want an excellent and durable reproduction of the art to stick on the… stick. And Art’s doesn’t do SE art.