Custom MadCatz SE and artwork problem


Kinko’s or FedEx. I’m sure you can tell them what thickness cardstock you would like.

And no, Arthur does not do SE.

But you can get a printing service from here


Do you guys have a recommended paper/cardstock type? I apologize for being an ignoramus, I honestly know nothing about paper thickness. I just want a durable piece of art to put on the stick.


an alternative to lamilabel is to simply get the art laminated and then stick it on yourself with carpet tape. Holds extremely well (i made mine over a year ago and it has no signs of any lifting yet) and the lamination provides good protection. On top of that you won’t get bubbling from thin material.


Some people recommend regular paper weight (like 20lb) but I’ve seen that wrinkle under plexiglass, so I usually recommend 30-40lb. For a lamilabel I don’t imagine it would matter, the durability comes from the lamination.


omg dude that is awesome i got a question … did u rip off offical artwork ? or apply on metal panel ?


All the advice I’ve seen is that you should rip off the old art and de-gunk the panel before attaching your new art.


yeah you gotta tear off the old art first. its easier to clean if you peel it slowly; you won’t live much (if any) residue.