Custom made fightstick requirements

I’ve read through SlagCoin and now i have decided it’s time to start planning on making a fightstick. Instead of choosing to buy one , I realized that making one would be more fun compared to simply buying a premade one.

it’ll be used on both the xbox 360 and ps3. i don’t want to spend more than 200 dollars on this project since it overall would seem too much considering i could just buy a whole new console with that money.

so far , these are the only parts i know for sure :

  • joystick wise: balltop, 4 sided restrictor, 30mm/35mm [probably sanwa jlf]
  • button wise: 8 buttons, clear or just a solid color , snap-ins/screw-ins, 30mm/24mm [semitsu if clear, sanwa if solid]

other than that , i am not quite sure about the other parts . i prefer to just buy a premade housing/box online , but if it’ll save me money , i will be willing to make my own . artwork however and plexi gas are most likely going to be purchased online though .

will be used for fighters such as MvC3 and SF4 .

Goog luck with that.

will it really cost more than 200 dollars to make one ?

Most customs cost over $200 with the builder barely making a profit of them.

it’s not as if i am wanting to hire person/company/site to make it for me . i just need help deciding on parts for what will fit my needs .

Lets see.
Completely Do it your self Project Parts and Materials, I am also assuming we are reusing the USB cord from the Xbox 360 controller.

Price List (tax and shipping not factored in)

1 Tek Case Acrylic Case Type A (no extras) $60
1 Sanwa JLF $24
1 35 mm Ball top $30 (ether Sanwa or Seimtsu)
8 Sanwa OBSF 30 mm Push buttons $24
2 Sanwa OBSF 24 mm Push Buttons $5
1 Toodles MC Cthulhu $35
1 Mad Catz Xbox 360 Game pad (used) $20
1 Toodles Imp $9
Assorted material costs (Wire, Quick Connects, Solder, zip ties, ect) $10
Total $ 217

And this is being on the frugal side.

well, i think what d3v meant is that a first time modding job will cost alot if you don’t already have the tools and building knowledge. i’ll try to break it down for you to the best of my ability.

lets say you go the generic box way:

Generic box - 30-40 dollars
12 buttons - 35-40 - shipping might be more
joystick - 25 - shipping might make it more
22 gauge wire - 5 - 10 bucks
power drill to make button holes in generic box - 40 - cheapest i’ve seen
hole saws/spade bits/forstner bits - 20
Printing art work - 5 bucks
plexi - 10 bucks
PCB -two options,

  1. wait for the PS360+ - 50 - shipping might make it more
  2. dual mod a xbox 360 pcb with a toodles board - 40-50 + cost of soldering iron - 20 dollars + soldering necessaties - 10

so the cheapest you’re looking at is $240

Edit: lol, i type too slow…

Haha atleast you both came close to an average cost…don’t forget about the time it will take…so important…

Custom cases are mainly thought to be on the budget but in fact they consume more money as you’re building your dream stick. UNLESS you’ve got some hookups. My cousin is some sort of art design major and his university has a workshop. A workshop where he can make his own custom cases on the cheap.

You can just buy a TE stick, change the artwork, buttons, and balltop. imo, I think that would be cheaper.

I did left out any cost of tools not already in possession
I would of left out art work, as that is technically a extra.

I also wanted to leave out the PS360 because the price isn’t known yet.
All we would know it could be a $80 PCB.

Tool Cost

Soldering Iron $15
Screw Drivers, Philips and Flathead $3
Drill $40
Drill Bits $20
Wire Striper/ Crimper Combo $5
Total $83

That does not includes any specialty tools, router, dremel, Hex keys/ bits, Security bit set ect…

TE Mod Project

Mad Catz TE $150
Plexy for TE (going DIY route) $5
Custom art $5
Replacement Buttons, $24
New Ball Top $3
Dual Mod PCB $30

Total = $214

And I am still leaving out alot

Super Budget DIY Build Stick

Wooden or Aluminum Box found at discount or thrift shop $5
Seimitsu LS-32 $18
1 Ball top $3
8 Sanwa OBFS (2 for start and Select) $24
1 PCB from used PS2 Controller (No Dual Mod) $15
Wire sourced from whats “on hand” $0
Screw/ Bolts with nuts for Stick Mounting $1
1 - 30 mm hole saw $8 (as your only drill bit).
Soldering iron $15 (with starter sample of solder)
Total = $89

And this is assuming you own screw drivers and a Drill already.

This is No art, No Dual mods, no Disconnects or terminal strips, and using as many already on hand materials as possible.

If this is your first stick you’re probably better off buying a premade shell like the Madcatz SE/TE/etc.
Plus it’s way cheaper and you won’t need as many tools.
You can still customize buttons, art, etc.

Custom cases are NEVER for those on a budget.

I agree.

Your on a tight budget, go look for a Wooden or Metal Box from discount or thrift stores, Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers work too
You can go ultra cheap and go with a shoe box, pizza box or even some one else’s broken Xbox 360 console that they are throwing out.

Instead of a Drill, you could hand cut those holes with a knife, but you get terrible uneven holes

Vicko read my post about the TE Mod projectI posted on this thread.
And that is going the cheap route. Also good luck finding a empty TE Shell.

The only way its getting done for an under $200 investment is if the pcb is scrapped/given to you and you have free access to all the tools and supplies you need to finish a case. Prebuilt case, cheap controller to hack, stick + buttons will run you $150+ish.

Stop just stop. I’d hate to see you drop $200 and then realize that you need $100 more to finish your project.

True. My cost projections are primary, not including tax or shipping and leaving alot of stuff out (and I do mean alot).

I always go over budget on my own projects.

“Custom cases are mainly thought to be on the budget but in fact they consume more money as you’re building your dream stick.”

Did I word something wrong? Or you just made a simple (Revised) version.

I got a TE shell recently for $45CAD (for myself) and I currently have 2 SE sells that I’m willing to part with.
Try craigslist for a cheap stick that you can gut, that’s how I get most of my stock.
I recently got 2 TEs for $135 total. I guess you just gotta be lucky :wink:

craigslist is a huge hit or miss deal.
Especially around Baltimore

No, we just seen some pricy Custom cases.
An acrylic Tek Case is about $60, while a blank Project giant sword case is around $200.
More so for more custom case like one from B15