Custom Made Joystick Troubles, Need Assistance


Okay… So recently I made a custom arcade stick, got wooden boards and magically created a box, bought all the electronic parts for it and started wiring the sucker. Problem is I don’t know which wire goes to which button, so right now I’m doing a little game that I always seem to end up doing at some point in my life called “trial and error”… So far the buttons are not working, but that’s -only- because of one main issue.

The USB wiring, I wire the sucker up to my Phreak Mod Cerberus PCB, put the USB wire in the computer, and BAM!
"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"
Is this a common problem that is remedied in ways I am unfamiliar of? If so, how?

Another question I have: Is there somewhere I can send this block of wood (my arcade stick) into that can wire the thing for me? These crimps are kicking my fingers asses, because all of my fingers have asses, each one of them, butts at the knuckles.


Welcome! first post and your probably going to get a ton of people telling you to search the threads and stop asking questions that already have been answered one way or another. BUT that being said there are people willing to build your stick for you, modding services. I am not sure the Cerberus PCB can run by itself, I thought it was just an add on to a xbox360 madcats pcb. You just have to make sure your cables match the pcb pin out. Attach some photos of your work inprogress and we can work it out. Everyone’s custom stick is a hot mess.


Is it the full size or chopped down Cerberus.
Also how is your USB wiring?


Alright, gonna snap some photos real quick to show you, you might be right about it being an attachment too.
This my first ever attempt at making one of these, so I’m pretty ignorant on many of the details.


Full size,
and the most detail I’m able to give is that the wiring goes into the “X360 IN” slots, Black to B, Green to G, White to W, Red to R, used from a sliced in half USB cord. There is a black thing on top that snaps down on it when the wires are in place.


The snaps might not be seated firmly.



The white wire in your USB cord do not seem to be seated the same as all the rest.


Yeah, accidentally cut that one too short… I could cut the other ones to be the same size as it, but before I cut it short they all use to be the same length (I thought I may have crumpled up the wire too much on the white wire, which lead to me re-cutting it like so). I do like that the computer does actually detect the USB device, but it gives me that error still as unrecognizable. So I’m hearin’ where you’re coming from, and chances are you might be right, I’d assume if the lock was down properly I’d hear a snapping noise.

So far, I haven’t had it snap down like it would if there were no wires holding it up. Seems no matter how hard I push down on it, it just won’t snap shut.


If you’re using the standalone Cerberus install, why are you putting your wires into the “X360 IN” port?
They should be connected to the “USB OUT” ports.


That’s what I thought too, but when I had it in USB OUT, the computer wouldn’t read it. I can go ahead and try it again though, one sec.


Okay, now it detects it when connected to USB OUT, but it still gives me the error message.


If your stick is “detected” by your PC, but getting an error message, often that means your D+/D- signals are swapped.


Also remember to check if the wire is fully seated, look at the pushdown terminal and when you can see the colored wire in the slot, then you should have cleared it.


I think today after I get home from work, I’m gonna snip each wire so that they are all the same size, and place them all in very carefully to see if I can get a different result. If I make no progress after awhile, I might just look around on these forums for a service of some sort that can get it all wired up for me (last resort). Thank you all for the help so far!

  1. Use the USB OUT part for your USB.
  2. You aren’t putting the wires into the IDC terminals correctly, they look to actually be underneath the little holes they should be in.
  3. It looks like you are using PS360+ wire harness wires, are you positive you have the proper wires going to the proper places? Like you have the player LED spots hooked to a harness, is that going to anything?