Custom Made Plastic Joysticks Made to order

Hey guys I have just started something really cool. I bought a plastic molding machine, and can now develop made from scratch designs for customers. First one I did was pretty standard solid black with sanwa buttons and a JLF joystick. I can do any thin shape within reason you want. we made the bottom out of wood to give it weight.
here are the first pictures.

cool thing about this is the possiblities are endless. I can do almost any shape, we are just getting started but get ready because soon we will do custom orders.

This first one is a hacked ps1 pad and I am selling it for 150.00 shipped.

here are the pics

let me know what you guys think.

Machine is cool, having a shape choice is cool, but that one doesn’t look too good. Is the plastic textured?

I can’t wait to see what kinda box designs you can cook up.

well this one is just a prototype, just to see if we can do it.

We are going to do 3 different ones that are standard but then we can make anything anyone wants.
This is the way it works, we make a mold out of wood or bondo, place the mold in our machine and it molds the plastic into that shape. As far as the plastic we used I used a textured black, but we can use anything. Our next project we are going to use the plastic that is the same stuff as the wood paneling in a Luxury Car.

The possibilities are endless.

Is it microwave safe?

Yea I cooked some Raman noodles in it last night and still was able to pull of a target chain.

Nah you should see how cool this is, one of the things we are going to be able to do is mold a joystick to a persons hands. I think I am going to have more fun making the cases than I am doing playing games right now.

I think I might do Computer mice next, I want to mold the cover to my exact hand shape.

The pic isn’t working for me.

posted some new pics

I would also like to know if it doubles as a condom after you cook it

Cool! Good luck with the project.

Make it a little wider on top and bottom with clear top (lexan or plexi) and you have yourself a customer!!!

yea we are making another one tomorrow, we will let you know when we are done.

honestly that’s one of the funnier lines i’ve read on this board.

Ahahah, your project and this thread are awesome. :bgrin:

A smooth 9" x 12" x 2" case frame with 3 topside button holes and a Seimitsu LS-33 mount would be an instant purchase from me, no doubt about that at all.