Custom made racing Dreamcast controller?!

Is this possible?

I have thought about buying this and mod it with this, this and this parts, to achieve something like this.

I suposse the biggest problem would be to have the pedals and steering wheel sending analog signal to the Dreamcast… Hmmm I need some help :confused:

Has anybody thought about doing this before?

Is this possible?

So you’re wanting a force feedback wheel?

No idea if it’s possible, but the madcatz MC2 which has pedals and gear shift had a version released on DC, the PS1 version also worked via Total Control Plus, though there were some minor problems with the gear shift and Le Mans IIRC as well as VMU saving for games that only saved to the P1 slot.

I don’t know if I want force feedback, as I suposse it will mean more problems… I linked to that steering wheel just because I don’t know what parts exactly I’m looking for…

Thanks for your reply!