Custom Made Street Fighter Arcade Cab!

Hello all,

(Cab is located in Indianapolis IN)

I post rarely on these forums but I figured this would be the place to post for this item.

I am considering selling a customised street fighter cab seen here:

And also here:

The cab would include:

25" monitor.

Brand new happs competition buttons and sticks.

Sony X-plod speakers.

Street fighter II champion edition board.

Custom black on black artwork with Akuma on one side and Oro on the other.

A working phionex edition Street Fighter Alpha 3 board could be included for an addtional price.


500 bucks.

Email me at: (weird email, I know)


Thanks guys.


Post a price. So the rules dictate.

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble selling this.

If only you were a few states closer :frowning:

good deal :tup:

sell me your astro city!!!

i’ll pay more than this guy

Would there be any way to get it with SFA3 art if I would rather have that board in there. I just don’t want Oro on the side if I’m playing a game he isn’t in, or at least have somebody else on there? Evil Ryu would work with Akuma on the other side.

Of course you would get the alpha 3 art and marquee if you purchased that game.

I was a little worried about that, but I designed that cab quite a few years ago and never thought I would sell it…

I am just ready for something new.

Also I would include the street fighter II champion edition marquee with the sale.

Let me know guys,

Oh and you guys that are interested in the astro…they are pretty easy to find.

Contact me if you have questions…

Now my Blast City, those are rare in the states.

I want your info on the Astro cities if it isn’t much to ask for.

Also, I’d buy the hell out of that cab if I could a) drive, and b) had the money on me. Oh, the pain. SRK loaning service get.