Custom Mahogany PS2 stick

Ok this one is kind of special as I drew my own artwork for once :slight_smile:
Im pretty pleased with it and hope the nipple does not infringe on any forum rules.
I apologise if it does and will happily censor it.


Custom original art.

Mahogany case. Extensively routed.

Aluminum top panel with sound dampening foam.

Hand finished to a gloss shine.

Sanwa JLF stick.
Seimitsu clear screw in buttons (If you have not tried these I highly recommend them. Better than sanwas in my opinion)

New Psone PCB.

120 + shipping.


" Im pretty pleased with it and hope the nipple does not infringe on any forum rules."

i think it does :x
edit it in photoshop real quick

very nice wood work and clean insides

curse the weak dollar!

you take 100 shipped?


120GBP + shipping. Britain (United Kingdom), Pounds

I believe that is $237 + shipping, I believe. I may be wrong.

hes talking about euros i think but that is close.

it’s pounds so you looking at 240+USD which is a really good deal

Great work as always Laurie, oh yeah can you post up the measurements of the stick cuz it looks pretty tight inside the stick

God damned weak dollar… I hate you!!! I guess working 25 hours of O.T. still doesn’t cut it /sigh. The union still takes there dues out of my check but still they I still get no raises.

that is one sick looking stick

This is correct :slight_smile:

11" by 7,1/2" By 2" Its compact but very comfortable.
Thanks for all the compliments.

100US would not even cover the parts.
All in all parts came to 60
So 60 for all my hard work over 2 months. You cant make a living out of making sticks :wink:
I do it for the love of Fighters shooters and because I can.

You do amazing work Laurie, nice job!

Thanks all.
So no interest then :frowning:
Anyone want to do a swap or part x.

Im after an xrgb2 or 3 (straight swap)

Or if you have anything you think I might like you never know. :slight_smile:

Man as soon as a saw it I wanted to buy it but I’m low on funds.

not that there’s no interests, just that the weak dollar makes it expensive as fuck, not to mention overseas shipping (both fees and the idea of it).

will you take a happ modded sf aniiv stick + 30?

If I get any requests for a stick from someone in the UK, I’ll mention you, I like it :wink:

This must be a joke.

There are plenty of people outside the states (or North America, eh)that would gladly pay the requested price for this stick.

The shape, finish and material are all immaculate. There are no current offerings at this level (worldwide).