Custom MAME Cabinet; is this worth the price?

So I’m in the market for something new and I have a choice of a new TV, speakers and whatever, and an arcade cabinet (as long as it’s blank, I’d like top put a PC or console in there). After missing out on a Showcase cabinet for $200, I found a posting for a custom MAME cabinet:

I asked some basic questions and here are some answers:

  1. Joysticks are probably competition - been a while
  2. Doors come in different sizes :wink: the cabinet is 27.5" wide, 38" deep and 75" tall
  3. Wiring uses a keyboard controller:
  4. It’s a TV, and uses an RF adapter to accept composite signals (yellow wire)
  5. It’s a Celeron 633 - don’t know what CPS is.

I’m just wondering if this is worth the price (delivery is free also as he lives right near me).

$350 seems like a great price…i would pick that up if i had room…

That cab would fit nicely in my “ugly” room.

The PC is bottom tier and slow as molasses. Other than that the frame and pre wired setup is worth 350 already in my opinion. Buy it, upgrade the PC because you probably won’t be able to run anything beyond CPS-1 (old capcom motherboard) on it.

I agree with this estimate.

I agree, looks like a good deal. If that’s actually an arcade monitor in there, than that’s almost worth the price alone.

Won’t take a lot of work to make that look nice. A monitor bezel from Happ, some plexiglass for the marquee and to put over the bezel. Some perferated metal to go over the speakers.

Would be a fun project for sure.

If it is a TV, its not going to look that great for a lot of games.

Arcade monitors do funky resolutions and 15khz refresh rate. I would suggest shopping around more because the average 25" is 250-400 depending on where you buy and the condition (used/new), if that sort of thing matters to you.

The PC isn’t anything special, so its not really worth the price either.

The cabinet itself, what kind of wood is it made out of? Doesn’t look like anything amazing. If you were to buy a used arcade cab, you’d at least get something painted and T-molded, albeit with a few dings probably.

Honestly, a little patience and some more searching, and you’ll find a better deal.

IMO, keep looking, find a used arcade game for <$400 that has a good monitor and jamma harness. Then, buy a jpac from ultimarc, drop a PC in, and you’ll probably be in much better shape in the long run.

Hope that helps. :wonder:

Not worth it in my opinion. You can find a real arcade cabinet with an arcade monitor in it for 350$.

Other points:

Running MAME through composite will look ultra shitty

That keyboard encoder might have lag or other problems.

Computer is old and won’t be able to play the games you want to play full screen.

CD with roms is irrelevant. You can download that.

TV and Keyboard encoder will be useless whenever you want to put a real board in there. And you will probably eventually want to do that once you’ve owned a cabinet for a while.

No Bezel or Marquee. You will inevitably want to fix that and it will cost even more money in the long run.


If you can get him down to about 200$ it would be worth it, but for $350 I think you will do much better if you just look around a while longer. Like you said, you passed up on a presentation cabinet for $200. Deals like that aren’t as rare as they neccesarily appear when you are getting into the arcade hobby.