[Custom Mod] Nintendo Switch D-pad & buttons SNES, joycon grips, grip portrait, mini dock & mini cabinet


[update January 2019]

Custom grip Switch (vertical-mode gaming on the Switch) XD

Skull & Co case grip

Custom Carry Case Switch

Update [05/12/2018]

D-pad Saturn original controller :rofl:

Update [20/11/2018]

Hori D-pad Joy-con Mario witch D-pad original SNES controller adapted-custom
YCCTEAM Protective Case for Nintendo Switch adapted-custom
New custom button -
push button RCM on original joy-con right

new push button RCM

[updated 28/06/2018]

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Defnitive Edition :grinning:

[updated 14/06/2018]

and new custom hand grip vertical/portrait Switch portable mode)

… for a shoot’em-ups, pinbal games, emulators, etc

I used to create that, this hard disk adapter.
UNYKA ADAPTER HD 2.5’ to 3.5’

News caps analogs right and left


…and, mini cabinet Neo Geo-Switch XD

I used to create that mini cabinet, this


There are a new update. I’ve painted joy-con with black color.


There are a new update with red joy-con.


There are a new update in first post.


D-pad Saturn controller original :rofl:


There are a new update in first post.


You sir should have your own sticky on how many interesting things you come up with lol