Custom MvC3 PS3 Theme


I’ve been lurking these forums for a little bit, but I registered to share this. I was snowed in all week in Atlanta and running out of things to do, so I built a PS3 theme with the hi-res wallpapers available on the Japanese MVC3 website. If you use the theme, a random character wallpaper will appear every time you load up the XMB. It includes a wallpaper for all the confirmed characters except Jill and Shuma-Gorath, which weren’t available from the website. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date as new characters are announced and wallpapers are made available.

I used icons from another custom theme which I’ve used forever (the “neon” theme by JyriK) but if anyone has ideas for actual MvC style icons, I’d be happy to use those to create a truly “custom theme”.
You can download it here and check it out: Custom MvC3 BG Theme.p3t**
(fair warning, I have no idea if there’s a download limit for that link, so if someone wants to mirror it that would be pretty cool)

To install it, put it on media that your PS3 can read (USB stick, Mem Stick Duo, etc depending on what model you have) in the PS3/THEME folder. Go to PS3 settings, Theme Settings, and choose Install, then choose the media and it should auto-detect it if you did everything right. Fair warning - if you run your PS3 in standard definition then (first, shame on you and) this theme might not work.

My hope is that this thread will turn into a collaboration so we can create a high quality custom SRK MvC3 theme that we can all be proud of. Please post with feedback or ideas! And enjoy the theme if you decide to use it!


While its a nice idea, it’d be cool if you could provide some screenshots.


Good idea. I can’t direct capture from my PS3, but I’ll try and figure something out. Alternatively, if anyone who can direct capture it could record a video, that would be fantastic. :slight_smile:


Here’s a photo of my screen. There’s a background for every character, this is just the one for Morrigan. You can see what some of the neon icons look like too.

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PS: wow, I just noticed it’s 4:38 AM! lol


looks good. would love to use them but my ps3 got ylod 6 months ago =\


good shit got a haggar/phoenix/doom one?


Great theme, I love the neon lights-style XMB icons.


They’re all in there, every time you load up the XMB you get a different character.

Glad you like it! I’ve been using that neon theme since I got my PS3 3 years ago, so I couldn’t help but use them. Still, I think there’s potential for some really cool MvC3 styled icons if someone with some graphics skills has any ideas.


ooh thats awsome
does it come with the neon or is that in the store?


The neon is built into the theme above. You can get the original neon theme here: Neon theme for PS3 by ~JyriK on deviantART in case you want to use your own background image.


So, in case the 10 people who actually read this care, I learned that PS3 themes can only support up to 24 backgrounds, so having all of them doesn’t work. I’m just going to leave this the way it is, especially since no one even read the thread lol. But if you did, enjoy the theme!


Using it now, was tired of the 15th anniversary one anyways. Nice work on it.


I’m having it on as well, thanks for it :tup:


that looks cool. thx. :slight_smile:


Looks really good, thanks.


For some weird reason it doesn´t work for me!
I put the file in a USB and then went to install it but its says “There are no themes”


Thanks for doing this. :tup:


Try and make a folder in your USB labled “PS3”, without the quotations. And in that folder make another folder titled “THEME” and put the custom MvC3 theme in there. Now when you put the USB back into the PS3 it should be able to recognize it. See if that helps. =)


how do i get it to work?? it shows some kind of SD withing a circle as the background. but i still get the neon buttons though


Well I read it :)! Well done anyhow - 24 characters is better than the stock theme anytime!