Custom Nitewalker Simplecase Dual Modded Arcade Stick

Custom Dual Modded Nightwalker Arcade Stick: $150 + Shipping CONUS

First up, the arcade stick. This stick started out as a custom design by me that Nitewalker (when he was still active) translated into an unfinished walnut case. It’s designed to give a ton of extra palm space and has a flared out area on the back to indicate where the started/select/home buttons and USB port are. The stick was completely finished by me with a furniture grade varnish, not the cheap stuff you get at home depot. It has a plexiglass top and bottom (both show some wear from use) and as you can see from the pictures, the bottom is quite nice to look at.

I did hte dual mod using a ChImp board and a madcatz brawl pad. The madcatz pad is run using a ribbon cable to keep things clean and all the rest of the wiring is run through copper tubing th make it look extra slick. The internal paint job is design to compliment the copper.

It works on both systems and PC. I use the manual method of selecting xbox mode (holding down lk, mp, and hk when plugging in) because it works on PC and 360 regardless of firmware.

The stick features a Sanwa JLF with clear shaft cover, clear dust cover, and Seimitsu bubbletop. The buttons are all Semitsu PS-14-KN clear buttons for adding your own artwork into each piece or if you later wanted to add LED lights to them.
I put a lot into this stick and I think someone should have it to enjoy it more. I don’t play nearly as much as I used to.

It will come with one of those glowing Neutrik-booted USB cables (red and silver).

Asus UX31E-XB51 Ultrabook: SOLDSOLDSOLD**

Ultrabook sold. Joystick options added.

Prices Lowered.

Priced Dropped. Final prices firm now.

How much would shipping be to 18102

Priority mail should be about $20. Parcel Post is around $22.
Yeah, it’s actually cheaper to do priority since you’re not too far from me.

payment sent

are you selling any arcade sticks similar to the mixbox

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well help me out i refuse to pay 250 for the mixbox