Custom Noir panel for Qanba Obsidian?


I saw this awesome custom Obsidian panel that Rip posted on Twitter.

Anyone know where this was sourced from?


Guessing someone from UYU had it custom made at a metal shop or something similar.


Qanba made the Noir metal and plexi panels but only for some of the sponsored teams (Echo Fox, UYU). Would love to see it go public.


To be honest, you can probably ask any metal worker to create a panel similar to this.


I actually talked to the owner of Qanba about it and he said they’re trying to gauge interest on creating them. I would hit them up on Twitter or something and show that it’s something that people want. Companies only really look at ROI (return on investment) when it comes to niche market items.


that is really cool. i’m sure some people within qanba are hella interested, but it’s tough get action on it without knowing if there’s real money. i’ll def hit them up.