Custom or brand name

I have been on the wire about this. My first fight stick. I want a custom one where I can put anything I want including art, but Im wondering if it is a smart choice. I was thinking of ordering that prewired pcb off of modchipman. Is their any other thing i would need to get the wires to connect to the stick and buttons?

Also Im no artist so if I were to paint a custom stick (the 4 button with plexi glass on "QCF"
What type of paint would i need.
What painting tutorials do u recommend.
and how do people get a wood stick to not look like wood.

Now on the flip side We have he brandname shoulder.

Its Pre made (I perfer to have my own original stick)
Some are easily moddible
The Te is highly customizable along with the se and I think the hrap3

The thing that is stopping me from buying name brand sticks are the fact that its all the same. I would be scared to open it because i dont want to break the stick or connectors, but with my custom stick i know how i put it together so ill feel more safe in modding my own stick.

Please tell me What you think I should do.


i think you should read the stickes and

Thanks i skimmed it over a bit. imma read it in detail when i get back home

yea custom all day man you will feel so much more fulfilled and happy with yourself

I debated for months and decided to take the custom plunge. Just ordered the box and doner PS3 pad, trying to decide on art and buttons now. Being able to make a wireless stick for less than a brand new one (hopefully!) outweighs having a plug and play stick for me.

All wiring, button, box type, stick, and art choices can be really anything you desire with a custom. Any stick you receive from a big manufacturer is going to have limitations(perhaps excluding the TE) but any controller or equipment fault is strictly your own when it comes to building customs. Any fault of a brand name usually seems to happen after warranty has ended, Murphy’s law.

There are positives and negatives. I’m in the process of building my own currently, so far it’s been a lot of anticipation and frustration. But I’m hoping that will change once I see the finished product.

The first decent arcade stick I had was a saulabi. It broke after about a year. So I decided to build a custom and was WAY happier with it than my old saulabi. With a custom you can experiment a lot more, discover exactly the set up you like the most since you can swap parts out much easier. You can experiment with different layouts by ordering your parts before building it and making crappy shoebox sticks. however… heed this warning:


after I built my first stick I couldn’t stop there. I’m currently in the process of building my third and already planning my fourth.

lol im already adicted and i still havent got my parts in the mail. prolly will change when it comes to actually doing the annoying parts lol

I’d just get a TE and be done with it personally. Just change the art on the TE and then you’ll have a semi custom with great hardware.

Says the man with the shinyest stick of them all!

Lulz I thought someone might bring that up. Honestly if the TE were available at the time I would have just bought one of those instead, but they were backordered forever so I just built one myself. I’m going to build another one too here shortly out of Bolivian Rosewood, haha, but it’s just because I like working on projects like that. For anyone who has the know how and takes pleasure in building things then by all means go ahead and build one, but if not the TE is a high quality stick and will work just great.

I didn’t really take great pleasure in building any of my sticks but the result is far better and more meaningful than a random shop bought thing. Its the feeling of having made it yourself and knowing that nobody else has anything similar.