Custom Painted Balltops by GandaKris


Major overhaul to this thread, now featuring balltops by Gandakris! See below for current stock and album/archive


Vergil (OMGItsAndre’s balltop)

Iron Man

Dream Pokeball (Chris G’s balltop)

Okamiden and Okami balltops

Wheatley Custom

Here’s GandaKris’ album of balltops that is always being updated:

Anyway, offering these starting at $35 shipped and can do customs as well. As the design gets more intricate, the price goes up.

I have tested one of them by having it in my pocket and rolling it around for about an hour and the paint/clear coat didn’t come off at all. The only issue I have seen is if you keep the balltop in extreme heat (over 100 degrees). If there are any issues with the paint or clear coat coming off, you will get a free replacement. We guarantee our work!

PM me with questions or for a quote on a custom. I also dual mod and have sticks for sale, check my signature!

Due to the risky nature of customs, I will ask that payment be brought forward before any actual work is started. We don’t want to get stuck with a balltop that possibly no one will want.

Current stock on this page: (7/25/12)

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Like it was made just for me to specifically buy.
You know which I am refer to. :shake:

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you have to get that venom ball top to james right away :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I just sold that one, want me to have another made?



Then that person deserves to be Banned.


I got another on the way!


Superman sold!
New ones on the way:
Dr. Doom
another Hello Kitty!


I’ll take the doctor doom one, just PM me when its ready and i’ll paypal you the money.


let me know when to paypal you for the Punisher one.


Updated OP! Punisher, Deadpool, Dr. Doom and Pokeball added to stock!
I got a few more on the way, keep the requests coming!


Doom is sweet, how much?




very nice. off topic- grrrr arrrgghh.


If you can make me this I will commission you.
BlazBlue Taokaka Balltop, painted over a red clear ball top so I can LED mod it for the glow eyes. The eye parts the paint would need to be omitted.


do you have a sample of the face you want on it?


Something like, this but of course being on a ball top, it would be more symmetrically facing. I’ll try to find a better reference later…


we could always do a clear balltop and you could use a red LED
either way, seems doable. we would just need a reference for the back of his head


or, just fold the earflap thingies around and call it a day


The Ear Flaps are much like the pyramid shape of my current avatar on the left if that helps with the shape from an overhead look. Whatever easier would be fine. A Clear Ball top with Red Led sounds like a good idea to me, in fact maybe preferable…


payment sent for The Punisher.