Custom panel

I came across this site when looking for guides for making a custom arcade stick. One thing that caught my attention was that they recommended that sanwa buttons me mounted on a 2-4mm thick panel and that for Sanwa sticks, you put the mounting plate on top. I was wondering

1.) Can I mount the buttons on a thicker panel? 2-4mm is pretty weak for wood

2.) Will I really lose stability if the mounting plate for the joystick is beneath the panel?

The answer to number one is on the page you just posted. Layers or router.

  1. Just top mount.

edit. The snap in buttons are not supposed to be used with wood. They are for metal panels. For wood you want screw ins.

You can also use snap ins on plexiglass. I’m planning on using some 1/8" (3.175mm) plexiglass on my sticks. The thing I’ve seen is you need to make sure that the wood layer underneath is close enough that it provides support for the plexi. Also, that rules out using the buttons to hold the plexi in place (so you need screws or some other method to hold it down)