Custom Personalized Wall Scrolls


Move if necessary…I’m not sure if this falls into the Trading Outlet category.

My company offers the service of creating personalized wall scrolls on high quality polyester fabric. They are identical to the Asian style wall scrolls, with the actual rod that holds the fabric being a little bit more polished. A few of my close friends always joked why I don’t I offer this service to people who actually share common interests, as opposed to the usual corporate clientele. I thought to myself, good point…and they would probably appreciate the service more. Basically, we can transfer your “personalized artwork” onto a scroll of varying sizes.

Here is an example:

So, essentially I’m trying to gauge interest. We offer them in 2 sizes…

Portrait Images (longer vertically)
-16" x 21" & 32" x 42"

Landscape Images (longer horizontally)
-21" x 16" & 42" x 32"

All scrolls would come with multi-clip hooks for hanging

Oooo interesting.

How much would you be looking at selling these for?

X2. My friends can’t find any DBZ ones, so they’d be hype if I could cop one for 'em.

Once I get the money, that is. XD

Also interested in how much these run for. I wouldn’t mind having a few.

If you plan on selling them then yes it falls under the trading outlet category.

Dude I’m interested in these.

Wall scrolls look much better than posters and if I can get the ones I want its well worth the money.

Thanks, that’s good to know. This is pretty much a general interest thread. If it seems that there’s a lot of interest, I will go ahead and list the rates and you can kindly move it over to the TO.

Be sure you don’t violate this.

Thanks for posting that :stuck_out_tongue: I was kind of a dick and waiting for the Tading thread to pop that in but it’s best he knows now.

The purpose of this isn’t to sell artwork, but rather to offer the printing service to individuals who wish to have “their own” personalized artwork/fan art printed onto wall scrolls for their own private use.

Should I create a thread over in the TO, or do you want to simply move this one over there?


less talk. prices please.

yeah def interested, but like everyone else is asking, how much?

Sorry for the delay in listing the prices & sizes (Devastation hangover)…

As mentioned before, this is a printing service that allows you to submit your custom/personalized artwork for reproduction onto a fabric wall scroll for your own personal use. What does that mean, well…HERE COMES THE FINE PRINT:

“Materials that are the subject of, or which infringe upon, any patent, trademark, trade name, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, moral right or other intellectual property right of another person or entity will not be allowed.”

Furthermore, the same policy as Kinkos…just not as anal :wgrin:

For Large Scrolls, the sizes range as follows:
-32" x 42" (the image is longer vertically) & 42" x 32" (the image is longer horizontally) -> **$22.99 **(price includes plastic rods & hanging hooks)
-Shipping within the US: $8.95 via USPS Priority Mail
-Shipping to Canada: $12 via USPS First Class Airmail
-Shipping elswhere: $18 via USPS First Class Airmail

For Smaller Scrolls, the sizes range as follows:
-16" x 21" , “21 x 16” , “21 x 13” -> $16.99 (price includes plastic rods & hanging hooks)

-Shipping within the US: $6.00 via USPS Priority Mail
-Shipping to Canada: $10 via USPS First Class Airmail (1-2 weeks varying on customs)
-Shipping elswhere: $14 via USPS First Class Airmail (1-4 weeks varying on customs)

*All files you submit will be immediately discarded after the print has been completed and you have received your package in the mail. *

Concerning submitted files, the greater the resolution (300DPI), the better. That being said, we can work with files of lower resolution, just bare in mind that we MAY only re-produce it onto a smaller scroll. Ultimately, it would be advisable to send the image that you are considering first and I will let you know which appropriate scroll would work best (small, large, horizontal, vertical, etc).

Turn-around time is roughly 3-5 business days (Note: this is not the shipping timeframe, but merely the time it takes to reproduce your artwork onto the scroll). Payments are accepted via Paypal.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or post in the thread.

This sounds like a great deal! I was hoping for closer to <$20 for the 32x42, but I guess that it being a custom job is worth it.

Hell, you could make a wallscroll that promotes your personal band, website, team, or whatever…

I’ll buy one of the 42x32. I have image etc ready. Will post pix when receive. You have an email I can send the file to?

PM Sent

PM sent. Hope this service is still available as I’ve looked everywhere to get a custom anime wallscroll done.


Hi would like to talk to you about wall scrolls please let me know how to contact you

Hey, I am also very interested in this service, please let me know if you are still doing it and how to contact you, TYVM :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested in this service if you’re still offering it!!! :wgrin: