Custom PS3 wired arcade stick help


Ok so, Im new here so please don’t shoot me if this is stupid, But i’ve been searching the whole site for over 2 hours now and cant find anything on this.

I would like to try and make my own custom arcade stick, however I want it to be wired for faster reaction times to the console.

No i’m totally new to this, so I was wondering if I used a wireless control, if I would be able to somehow make it wired? I dont want to just have one of those charging usb wires sticking out of it the whole time, because I could see that getting bumped around and coming out while im playing SFIV, so i was wondering if theres a way to make it more permanent?

Also how hard would pad hacking a ps3 control be for someone who has never done it before? I have soldered before though so I’m not too bad at that…

If i was to use a ps2 controller PCB would there be a way i could turn the cable into USB without using a converter? I.E could i cut off the end connector and somehow hook up a USB connector to it so that it would work with a ps3?

Whats the best option to go with when making a ps3 stick?


if you did search for two hours, you would have found at least the threads about ready made PCB for your purpose… so look some more



si2zle, look up cthulhu board. or just go to lizardlick and order one. by far the best option.


I did read about the ready made cthulu boards. I really did search for two hours. I was wondering whether or not its possible with a ps3 or ps2 controller simply for the price.

Sorry to confuse you but this is why I asked about pad hacking the controls and whether a ps2 control was compatible with this.

This is because I have both a spare ps2 and ps3 controller, which are just sitting there wasting away getting dust, so i figured I may as well use them and save some money on a pre made board.


Any more info on that topic would be greatly helpful =) thanks!


no, you can’t just cut off a ps2 cable and connect the wires to a usb cable.
check out the axisdapter.


ok cool, so if i was to use a ps2 or ps1 controller, and then use a converter to convert it to usb from the normal connection, would I lose any performance?


there’s a whole pcb especially for this…

the cthulu pcb, check the thread somewhere here

its your best way to go wired although from the test people have made here they say that wireless ps3 pads actually dont lag at all