Custom PSP Wallpapers

I made a couple of wallpapers for my PSP & thought I’d share 'em with you guys.
Heres one I made about 10 minutes ago & it’s currently in use:

Its not all that great or anything, but I was getting bored of the “Theme” so I made that custom wallpaper.

Feel free to use it if you’d like.

I’d like to see some of your guys’s wallpapers for the PSP.
If your interested in making some for your fellow SRKers the size is 480x272.


where do you get the update that lets you use custom wallpapers?

To tell you the truth I don’t really know. I just popped in GTA: LCS & it updated it for me, but check this out.

If you guys are interested in being able to use homebrew software, while still being able to use custom wallpapers, might I suggest you use the 2.0 firmware upgrade, rather than 2.1, 2.5 and 2.6, which don’t allow the running of homebrew software.

Download the eboot file, put it in the games folder, and run it. You should be able to use custom wallpapers, while retaining the ability to run homebrew and emulators with the 2.0 eboot loader, which you can find here:

yeah, I got my PSP with 2.0 installed and have been using custom wallpapers, though I’ve just taken to resizing my 1024x768 desktop wps to PSP resolution. The image ratio is pretty close, looks good on the PSP.

Yeah, the PSP handles that kind of resolution without many problems. After you upgrade though, don’t go any higher than 2.0 if you still plan on homebrewing(even at 2.01, it won’t work). As for the custom wallpapers…