Custom sanwa too tight (spring)

i got a custom sanwa stick
the joystick is too tight
when i tap a direction it bounces back the other way
so i get madd random super jumps, dashes, etc

so im guessing i need to loosen the spring
how would i do this?

can i buy a different spring?

could it have been originally mounted too high, making the throw bigger and this is why it bouces back? I dont know

any suggestions?


You could keep your hand around the stick? That’s the cheapest method.

lolz @ green

But no it really is annoying when you try to go to neutral and sj, or when you try to neutral dash and dash backwards >.<

ie Iron Man rush
sj AD/DF lk (down) FP <land> dash backwards lk…FTW??

You could try to replace the spring, check the mounting of the stick and such…If all else fails you can replace the joystick. As for custom Sanwa parts, I recommend here.

i appreciate the help/info

i think i am going to try to stretch out the string a little and take out a small bit of the coil and see if that loosens the stick action

anyone think this wll help?