Custom SF4 Cabinets going for cheap.. but wtf?

Apparently, the buttons / joysticks dont work but these cabs are actually filled with genuine SF4 boards (even though they show SF2 screens). Capcom is backing it however.

You are mistaken for believing something on Gawker. If you actually read the auction description, you would see that these aren’t arcade cabinets, just wooden boxes that hold regular TVs and joysticks. They give you a copy of the game for PS3 or X360, and you put your own console into the “arcade”.

Real arcade cabinets use actual arcade monitors and JAMMA or JVS wiring, so I wouldn’t even classify these as arcades.

Now That’s Poonage…

hahaha :lol:

wow these cabinets are freakin beautiful… sf4 board or not I’m glad i checked this thread out and if i had the funds I would buy one in a second…wow

Those pictures don’t even do these cabs justice. I was at the launch event in L.A. and these were quite the sight to behold. Most of them were running either SF2:WW or TURBO so it’s kind of surprising they’re selling them bare. I would love to have ST running on one of these big beautiful bastards.

During the event a couple of the cabs were intentionally left frozen on glitches.

they ended up selling for only like $750… thats a shame. and from what i understood you could pay to have them modded for the sticks to work with a 360

Not diggin the art.