Custom Soundtrack Suggestions: Recommend your favorite songs


Hope a thread like this is okay :open_mouth:

I recently discovered that I was the last person to find out that Capcom fighters (SSFIV and soon MvC3) support custom soundtracks on PS3 (and of course Xbox 360 as well).

I get pretty tired of stage themes after a while, and I’m sure I’ll be getting tired of character themes in MvC3, so I really want to have a kickass custom soundtrack, but I’m fairly new to the fighting game scene and don’t know of many good songs.

So, I’m looking for cool songs. Stuff suitable for fighting games. Epic songs. Could be regular music stuff, could be soundtrack stuff from older games (or even newer games). Just post up Youtube links to your favorite songs and remixes to fight to.

I’ll start I suppose. I’m a big TvC fan so I’m more familiar with the music in that series than others. A couple favorites of mine (before they scrapped character themes in UAS) were the Ryu theme remix and the Karas theme:



heres a few songs i have in my custom soundtrack. for mvc3 i made a custom soundtrack made of all the vs series songs well the ones i like.

any ways heres some of my favs
[media=youtube]3kgNKQYO7Zo[/media] Kof2002 um Kusanagi

[media=youtube]q8SdnRLd6Es[/media] thin red line- blazblue

[media=youtube]p_S43AP1tgc[/media] still in the dark- guilty gear

[media=youtube]X-R0oukuh9o[/media] dr doom msh

this are part of my universal playlist i have for all my fighting games. just some of my favorites at the moment


I’ve been working on a playlist myself, since I found a lot of the tracks in MvC3 to be rather meh.

KoF2002 UM has some very good music, as do the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue games. Tekken series also has some very nice tracks.
So all of them are worth looking through.

But here goes, I’ll post some general examples…

The entire Saint Seiya: The Hades fighting game soundtrack, examples:

Soul Calibur also has some good music, but it is generally too slow and epic to fit faster games like MvC3





Kingdom Hearts has a ton of nice ones



Megaman series also have tons


Ys series also has some strong tracks


Devil May Cry also has a bunch of nice ones, like the versus Vergil tracks



To finish off we can take some of the good songs from GG & BB


dam that SMT: Nocturne song is BALLIN


Here are a few random ones I like.


This isn’t really fighting game discussion, imho.


Yeah, really wasn’t sure where to put this. Anyhow

Some really good suggestions so far. And remember I’m not only looking for soundtrack songs, if you listen to some techno or hip hop or whatever, I wanna know about all that, too.

Anyhow, couple more from me:


Some fast paced, metal, Sonic 3 OCRemix stuff:



If you gusy don’t mind me asking.
How do I make a custon soundtrack?

And is it really a soundtrack where I can assign a song o a stage and such, opr is it just me running a palylist in the background?


Im pretty certain you just go to the music tab on the xmb and play it like that.

I had no idea these games supported it until now, thats pretty cool.


Yeah it’s just you running a playlist in the background.

MvC3 not supporting custom soundtracks makes me very, very sad though >:[ They really did cut anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. Hopefully it gets patched in before the music drives me crazy.

Mission mode would’ve been far more enjoyable with custom soundtracks though :frowning: