Custom Soundtracks

Im surprised that SNK did this o_o

edit: so what songs are you going to listen to while you play this game or are you going to leave it the way it is?

Is this both versions or just the 360? I haven’t messed with custom tracks on any Ps3 game yet, but I know there are games that allow it.

So what say you?

Yes, the PS3 version supports custom soundtracks as well. I’m currently playing KoF XII on my PS3 with the Guilty Gear soundtrack.

Oddly enough, I’m playing BlazBlue music.
Love Noel’s theme: Bullet Dance


Need to upload my BlazBlue and Garou OSTs and put them in my SF4/HDR music playlist. I’ve also got some Girl Talk, Katamari Fortissimo Damashii and some Metal Gear themes.

The soundtrack is pretty good, though.

Any websites where I can download the Metal gear online themes?
(PM, don’t want to infringe any rules)

Been trying to find them recently :. No luck at all.
I can only Youtube them… Want them on my PS3 music list though

360 should have custom soundtracks in every game IIRC since they patent it. its good that the ps3 has this

the soundtracks I have on my hdd are marvel vs capcom, x-men children of the atom, x-men vs street fighter and street fighter hd remix and some hip hop tracks on it. I was playing mvc theme in training mode last night lol

the only metal gear songs I have are…

the skateboard theme in substance
boss theme in metal gear solid 2
debriefing in metal gear solid 3
the boss song in metal gear solid
the theme for snake eater
metal gear solid 3 theme song
metal gear solid - the best is yet to come

if you want them you know what to do

how can you do that? and also, could this be done with sf4?

I’m using the Fatal Fury special ost. Awesome.

First, start up the game. Once you’re in the King of Fighters XII game menu, press the PS home button on your controller to open up the PS3 menu. Then scroll to the Music tab and select which soundtrack/album that you want to listen to, select a song, and you’re done.

Street Fighter IV also supports custom soundtracks, and you would do the same thing to play them in SFIV.

got it, thanks a lot!

there is a way to do this online…how?

This would be perfect if it wasn’t for the crowd noise in every stage.

That’s the one I want. Where did you get it from?

Put in live music from bands. Will make it all even :slight_smile:

I think you CAN do it in any 360 game.

And not to get off topic, but arcelonius, you may have the best avatar I’ve seen in my entire life.

Thanks! :bgrin: