Custom stick and wireless controller (360)


In the process of building my FIRST stick and I am at a bit of a crossroads. I cannot decide if I want to go wireless of if I want to stick with a wired controller.
Part of me wants to stick with wired to be safe (no batteries and just pug in and play) but at the same time part of be (bc i am going through all the fun of building the stick) wants to just go ahead and do wireless just because.

Problem is, I’m not to sure how I will manage syncing with other xbox’s. So, could someone please tell me this. Are wireless sticks rare? How do people with the wireless sticks handle syncing from box to box? Does any lag in the button input exsist (stupid question).


People usually wire the sync button to an external button on the joystick case.


I would say go wired, that way you won’t run out of batteries in the middle of an intense fight.


I’m going with a wireless build (big living room). I’ll be using a charge and play kit inside so I dont need to worry about charging it and I’ll wire up a test/service button on the inside.


My first build was a wireless 360 stick in an el-cheapo gutted stick case and also stuffed a play’n’charge cable inside.

My friend said that if you plug the cable into the xbox for the first time it seems to sync without using the “sync” button… awaiting its return so I can confirm this myself… but can anyone else confirm this?


yes it is. you dont actually need a sync button if using the play and charge kit


If you don’t want to fiddle with having to open up the stick to charge it checkout the tutorial I just put up, it’s really simple and really cheap to do.