Custom Stick: Anyone ever tried this

I’m toying with an idea for a new “cartridge-based” custom-stick.

Basically, it would be a fairly standard, wooden box with sanwa/seimitsu stick and buttons, but instead of wiring the stick and buttons directly to a PCB, I’d run them all to a female 25-pin D-sub connector mounted to the side of the box. Then I could build several smaller boxes each containing the PCB for a different system’s conroller (PS3, 360, DC, etc.) wired up to male 25-pin D-subs. That way I’d be able to easily swap out “cartridges” to use the same stick on different systems.

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its been done


It’s called an external encoder.
Toodles, Shinhead, GoPodular, Lawrence from Gamesx,I’ve done it, etc…

They even tried to have a SRK standard pinout…

I’m currently gathering supplies to do it myself.

In all honesty though, pretty cool if you thought it all up on your own! :smile:

Cool. Thanks for the links. I’m not terribly surprised that I wasn’t the first to think of this. I was, however curious to see how others had pulled it off in the past.

-=The Jesster: Gatchaba Goose=-

When I first read “cartridge” I had in mind you putting a cartridge slot on your stick to house the guts of a pcb. When I think about it a little it might actually be kind of cool. Instead of having external boxes that connect to a D-sub, you could put an edge connector recessed into your stick, build cartridges that house pcbs with wires coming out of them and then slide them in and out of your stick. Kind of like building a stick that looks like a front loader NES.

lol i thought it was called project box setup. So they’re called external encoder

too bad SRK didn’t esatablish a standard layout. Maybe people should have another go at finding a standard layout everyone would enjoy