Custom stick art question

Ok, so ive been reading around to see where i can get my art finally printed for the stick that im building. Today im going to start working on building the case with my uncle. So far I have already desighned the art for the panel and I have completed atleast like 4 different images that i want for my stick (ones i can change w/e so i wont b stuck with the same image forever lol)

Now stright to the point, Im having problems thinking of where i can get the image printed on some good material and w/o it losing its quality. Im goin to use Lexan on top of the image. Ive been reading and some people have mentioned places where you can order it; but there has to be a place where i can print it no w/o problems and not really expensive…cmon its NY for gods sake ._. lol

well the other thing is that i used photoshop and I was thinking about increasing the size of the image and I heard about a vector program thing, but i dnt knw which one is easy to use, any suggestions?

thanks in advance!

use photo to resize it under image attributes, then manipulate the pixel count. Then save as .jpg and take it to kinkos. Done.