Custom Stick Art

I’m looking to get some art made for two custom sticks I’ve ordered. I have the template available in both jpeg and psd for anyone who’s willing to do this. I’m willing to pay, so email, AIM or PM with a price and we can talk.

The basic idea is for the first stick is Toronto Maple Leafs art. This would include the vintage style logo…

And whatever else the artist feels would look good on there, so long as it’s Maple Leafs related.

The other stick is going to have a Liverpool Football Club theme…This would consist of the club logo…

And again, whatever else the artist would like to add on there, so long as it’s Liverpool football club related.

I don’t have any artistic talent at all, so please, help me out, like I said I’m willing to pay whatever you would feel to be fair and you can pretty much design it however you want. Please contact me and we can negotiate and get into more detail.


Template link-

Also have the PSD if needed.


No one?


Added template link.