Custom stick Art

Lookin for someone that knows how to create art for stick if anyone knows anyone that does it hit me up lookin for cammy and chun li Thanx

PSN TeKniQue-

post in the image mishmash


The post I linked you is the rules. It states this isn’t the forum to ask for images in. Go to the image mishmash and ask for help there.


Either what Starcade said, or if it’s for a MadCatz stick, you can post in the official template thread as well.

thank u man im not a shoryuken geekhead so i wouldnt have known

if you had read the big post labeled “read before posting” you would have known

You don’t have a be an SRK Geek to know.
Anyone of any Forum should search and look around.

omg do yall have anything better to do than talk about how i made a wrong post cmon get off the gas and go find sumtin to do

I think it’s pretty clear that we don’t.

Look, we’re all just trying to be helpful - a bit stern, but helpful nonetheless. However, if you keep trying to be a smartass , then we’re going to be a alot less “helpful.”

Take it from a fellow '09er, take your hits, roll with the punches, learn your lesson and move on.

Not being sarcastic.
I forgot to post my helpful link.

take it from me d3v i appreciated u giving me a link so that i could be corrected but of course imma be a smartass when i guy says jesus like im gettin on his nerves, he should have just minded his business then he wouldnt have to worry about it but this is pointless to talk about i got wat i need now so thanx for the help

hahaha amusement ur not funny

oops i forgot (.)

You forgot the wit also.

do u like me? damn

someone’s off to a good start.

Im surprised hes not negged yet lol.

I surprised the thread is even still open. Kyle must be taking a nap.