** Custom Stick Battle #1 - Evolution **

This is the Custom Stick Battle!
who’s ready?

This will be a trial and error process, so the first will have some bugs in it.

but by #2 it should all be good :lovin:

Lets get to it!!

Judging will be based on:
Painting and sanding
Parts used
Wiring and cleanliness
Overall difficulty
sexyness ;]
overall creativity
Art work

You have exactly ONE month to complete


[/COLOR] Submit your entries to me via aim, no PM!

First Theme is… drum roll

EVO 2k7!

Evo is just around the corner and seems like a good idea to make something related to this huge tournament

Make your art work centered around this event, its games, the players, the hype, the fun.

HUUUUUUUGE props if i see you at evo west and/or world sportin it ;3

shoot me a message on AIM if you want to enter

prizes TBA

ps: props to mepaphoros for getting this idea in the air :tup:

start postin!

Uhhh…im in…raises hand :confused:

heres some rules dood

~ To enter you must pm Shoo with the following necessities.
initial entry
stick builders name
real name

~Once entered you must submit the following information by the deadline to shoo

  • name
  • 4 minimum shots of the stick including
    top shot
    side shot
    inside shot
    three quarters shot
    [LEFT]-Parts used
    -Type of wood used
    -stick art (in case its hard to see)

~System choices do not matter but their involvement in the wiring does.
for example using toodles’ upcb wont score bonus points but its location and wiring does.

ah man i wont be able to enter this im one, im on holiday from 25th july too 22nd august :sad:…mayb next one

it should it looks mighty nice in a hrap :tup:

sweet we got one person so far :tup:

edit: make that 2 :tup:

who’s lol’ing now huh?!?!
jk :]


Edit: am I one…or do I need to PM?..im still LOL’ing

is plastic a type of wood? o_O

I will be working on a stick in the coming weeks, though I dont know where or not I will be done by the dead line and I wont be going with the evo theme since I already have my art picked out. But if its done before the dead line I will enter. Not like I will stand a chance against most of the people who build customs here but it never hurts to try.

Nuuuuuuuuu, no judging based on wiring shoo shame shame shame shame.

Oh and I am in.

Also, I’m a little bit uneasy with you allowing artwork since 99 percent of custom stick artwork is just stolen from an unsuspecting artist.

I think I got my art…

I kid I kid…waits for neg rep

ps shoo
im entering
cant go to evo west cuz the register only got me down for cvs2 which i cant even attend
im in son!

I am in, I should be finish hopefully by next week. :slight_smile:

aww man. It’s all aethetics. I can’t make 'em look pretty, but I can make 'em do all sorts of cool shit. :slight_smile:

Enough LEDs and any unaethetical detail becomes irrelevent.

Graphic LCD is totally doable. Show some video or a graphic representation of the buttons or something. I wouldnt do it, but its definitely doable.

Also thinking about buttons with no moving parts. Just touch them as light or heavy as you like, no movement, no click, and it registers. Add in a flash for the ultimate silent stick.

Uber thin wires so they’re not really noticable within an all plexi case, inside of the plastic roughed up to make the evo symbol in white like those etched glass things. Radio transmitter since its super small, going to a UPCB in a project box.

All Im missing is time and money. Sorry, I wont be in this one. :frowning:

Yea, I wanted to add some of those things, but $$$ makes it unpractical.

im whipping up some ideas.

I’m waiting to see the results and see if I wanna buy one of them :rofl: