Custom stick box blueprints

Hey everyone.

I am pretty new at the whole custom stick business, but im going elbow deep in to it. The largest problem I have, though is the actual design of a box for fitting a pcb/cthulu stick and necessary wiring.

Is there an open source box blueprint anywhere with hold drill sizes, and anything else possibly needed to have the frame of a box put together?

if this is a repost to another thread I miss, my bad.

The only one I can ever think of is the free plans from I used them and my stick turned out pretty good, but unfortunately I didn’t have the resources to laminate, so I had to use paint from a spray can and it turned out kind of ugly. It’s built like a tank though, and if you know what you’re doing with the paint you can get a pretty nice stick out of it.

If you are looking for the “picture frame” style plans though, I myself am still looking for a set of those.

any plans are a start. I want to make a couple different sticks over time. a pictureframe style is cool, but this is a great start.

Hey dude. :smile:

There are very few construction plans floating around but the general idea is pretty simple. I think most people just figure out their own.

How big do you want it to be? Tilted forward a little or flat? Japanese or American parts? How fancy do you want it to look and how much work do you want to put in? What sort of tools do you have at your disposal? Fill us in a little on your preferences.

If you just want to make a simple American stick, I’d copy what Shiro does for his. If you want to make a tiny Japanese stick, these are plans for Byrdo’s design.