Custom Stick Builders- UNAPPRECIATION Thread


Having just read some of the recent posts in the “check my arcade stick” thread I noticed that alot of builders/sellers get a bashing being too “expensive”. I have had my fair share of potential customers telling me my work is wayyyy to expensive and ridicolous.

These people have no idea how much time, effort and money that goes into each build. As you all know, building custom sticks is not highly profitable and realistically it is very hard (damn near impossible) to make a living off of it. The amount of research and experimenting we have had to do to get everything worked out takes alot of time. Buying tools and pracitcing the best techniques takes time and effort.

Time= Money

Im sure you can all agree that the reason we build these custom sticks is for the creativity aspect aswell as the pure enjoyment of turning some ones dream stick into a reality. Sure we would like to make a decent profit on it but the amount of time that goes into each stick to make it perfect is… again…impossible.

What really makes my blood boil is when I get email from random people telling me my prices are too high. What I dont understand is if its not in your budget…move on…find someone else OR buy a Madcatz or Hori stick. There is no need for someone to start stating that the prices are ridiculous.

The funny thing is when I get enquiries from these ridiculous customers I always ask what they think I should be selling my sticks for. Low and behold I get a stupid reply like “£80…tops”. Then I think to my self…" hmmmm… you dumb f**k! that wouldnt even cover the parts.

I have shown some of my sticks to people who have no idea what arcade sticks are and when I explain to them the amount of work that goes into each one EVERY single person says that I should be charging double. I am in nooo way boosting my self up I am just stating that pieces of art cannot be sold for a fraction of its REAL value. Im sure every stick builder out there would agree.

I am creating this new thread as I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where fellow builders/sellers can possibly vent their anger because of the lame shit they get to hear from annoying customers.

To all the loyal and genuine customers/fans who appreciate bespoke arcade sticks, much love goes to you and I sincerely thankyou for supporting all of us!

To all builders/sellers!..stick to your prices or even increase them.


Anytime you are greeted with a cheap ass customer reply with this…

Followed by…

(if you dont know who “Rev X” is…youtube this guy…lol)


Please ignore the BS. People are cheap and have no concept of the time involved. I constantly ran into that when I was offering my services. They want to pay for the end result but not your labor. You make gorgeous sticks. Keep doing what you do! :tup:



Gotta just ignore the people telling you that you’re charging too much, most of them are (generally speaking) kids who have no idea of what time and effort some of that type of stuff can take, especially if it’s a hobby. You and the others that make those amazing customs do fantastic work, and you shouldn’t have any reserves asking for at least what you have been.


Well said B15.


“The High Price of Cheap”. People aren’t aware of this. Awareness of this was brought to me last week in a class talking about what happens when we get stuff for low prices.


Damn B finally blew his top!
Dead on though, if I had to list all the tools I have purchased on this biz/hobby my wife would kill me TWICE.


Another thing that often goes unspoken is the inherent dangers of building sticks as well. Any given project there’s always the chance of a very terrible accident due to the machinery involved. Most all of these custom sticks are hand built, no amount of money you can pay for a stick is worth getting injured for.


I started building sticks when I was 15, and eventually work my way up to something that are some what presentable. Mostly for pleasure and satisfaction.

It is indeed very saddening the attitude toward pricing within the community. When I show my sticks to someone who have no knowledge of the game and only information on the cost of the parts, they usually rate my stick to worth twice as much as people who do have knowledge of the game. It is one thing to be cheap or frugal, but another to be downright unappreciative of the hard work people put in.

I don’t do this for a living or even money, but I do hope people who do, get what they deserve. Too bad people who needs to know about this wouldn’t bother to read this thread to begin with.


Ditto B15, Your work, as well as others souji, jinx, matskat, true and did you just see what ronin, pulled are all great work. keep it up. the fool who started all this jazz needs to get some chops before speaking. BTW I am sure i missed a number of builders as that was off the top of my head and a quick looksie at part deux. The work is great. keep on truckin guys.


People are gonna find something to complain about anything. Chill.


Well some trolls are selfish & ignorant, they feed on misery to make themselves feel happy. I for one saw the amount of time & effort to make a single case, specially exotic hardwoods. Not only that, it takes great toll on tools used in cutting them.

Exotic hard wood alone can cost an easy $100 with the shipping due to it’s weight. Finding one that is good is even harder. I would not even go to the conservation part for the more exotic & endangered ones.

The reason behind why I encourage people to make their own cases is simple, experience is the best teacher. To humble someone who thinks that inspiration & ideas alone makes a good case, nothing beats reality shock when they go to buy equipments & tools for themselves. It’s funny because they come here criticizing & compare their cases to the ones by the great wood masters, the difference is fairly obvious to the expert eyes of the regulars right away. What’s more funny are those who was discouraged because they are on a tight budget but still want to do a custom & ends up buying more than they originally thought.


people will complain over paying for shipping it gets annoying. I am trying myself to start something like a mod service or something on the side but i need more experience like the Vet.s on here. to me. just about everyone’s services and prices are well within fair. like you said. time=money. you get what u pay for. and its the builder who upkeeps his/her pride in the work they do. you do great work. You also inspired me to tackle this velix(too tired to spellcheck) cabinet. but i am making just the lower stand but i will make mine 4 player…it will be ugly as sin but owell. but you work is great. original, great design. alot of diversity with your models you make. overall top notch. Not sure about the other builders and contributors here. You guys are shaping not just this forum but the community ya know. idk where i am going with this but i def. see where you all are coming and i just want to say. keep doing what you are doing and making great products and services.


Anybody recall that solder stick I made out of tupperware? I told him I didn’t have the tools to make a case. He gets tupperware. I tell him I can’t cut holes, he grabs my (now retired) soldering iron. He wanted to build a stick on about $70, I told him I’d wire it, that was all. And you see what the end result was. :sad:

I hate people who don’t want to spend. I was looking to do a dual mod for free for labor, only charge ChImp so I could use the footage for a dual mod instructable, but “$35 is expensive!” Argh. I hate cheap.


Its sad to hear that people have so much idle time on their hands they should send you hate mail on your sticks being too expensive. I truly appreciate your design, and covet your paint jobs. True craftsmanship is very rare nowadays, everyone has grown to expect Chinese sweat shop prices. I have nothing against the Wal-mart crowd but its unrealistic to expect custom anything to cost the same as the mass produced junk on the shelves. I own a few items that are custom made or modified, and I find that these are the things that pay for themselves over time, through performance, durability, and sometimes resale value. Please keep creating your awe inspiring joy sticks; and pretty please make as many work logs posts as you can!


Could’nt agree more b15. Sooooo much time goes into building a custom. I have actually lost money selling a few customs just to get cash to build another custom. lol


It’s “lo and behold.”


It’d be a compliment to call the haters ‘cheap’. What comes to mind for me is selfish, ignorant, disrespectful, individualist, and just… hopeless. Sadly the wal-mart phenomenon only encourages this kind of behaviour. I’ve seen much smarter men than myself take on the same attitude.

As so many things around us become replaced with cheap (often foreign) alternatives, we lose our respect for good Craftsmanship. Seeing the work these guys do just brightens my day every time. It feels good to know that good people are doing great inspired work for their community.

keep it up guys! Don’t let them get you down. As a community, I’m sure we can encourage more respect.


If somebody doesn’t realize the time value and risk of injury of making a custom stick, they can fuck off and go buy a TE that only works for one system.

Either invest the money time and research to learn the craft the hard way, or pay somebody who already has. Respect craftsman ship, or buy something that was made in China where employee = slave.


wtf…? there are actually people out there who complain about the price? im still in disbeleif of that fact alone. Even before i started building i was bewildered at how masterfully some of the sticks in the check out my arcade stick thread were created. Those haters are just ignorant and need to spend just a few hours trying to make one themselves and see what type of shit comes out of it to really appreciate all the art and craftsmanship.

btw every builder, keep up the good work you have no idea how many hours i kill just drooling over some of those customs haha.

edit: wow… im STILL in in disbelief that people would actually be ignorant and rude enough to say comments like that. Even at the business standpoint, they have no power to change the price of a product, people can complain about apple stuff being too expensive but thats not gonna do shit about its price, not to mention TONS of people still pay for them. Their only right as a consumer is to pay for a product or not pay for it. Complaining about the price obviously means they want the stick but are bitter that they cant afford it.


oh man. remember ecksnine thumb? oww :frowning:
dude. its at a certain price for a reason.

i hope you guys keep enjoying doing what you guys do on your time for skill-less people like me.

thanks for posting it up b15