Custom Stick Builders...Where are they?

So I recently decided to move up from the commercial grade sticks of Madcatz, Hori, etc. and decided to look into the wonderful of custom arcade sticks. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about these custom sticks and their legendary creators so I did what any newbie would do…I just googled “custom arcade sticks” and I hoped for the best. Boy…I got to see some of the most amazing looking sticks walking on God’s green earth. However…after a period of envious window shopping and research, I noticed many of these stick builders whose work I’ve decided I must have…just disappeared. It seems especially on these SRK forums, the favorite “Check Out My New Arcade Stick” section was filled with amazing creations from various builders during 2009-2011 era (I guess the golden age of SF4 and I believe to be the golden age of custom stick building) then slowly started dying out soon after. It seems even the most famous of these “modern” builders, B15, seems to have his shop closed at this time. I’ve heard stories of the legendary Byrdo, Finkle, TMO/Norris, Big Pockets…Alas have all these artists walked off into the sunset? What has become of each and every one of them? Have I entered this realm too late and the age of the master stick builder has passed? Another disturbing trend I’ve come to discover is that many other stick builders would take orders/commissions and then just disappear off the face of the Earth without ever honoring their orders or giving out refunds. One guy whose cases seemed really good, but I would later read left many customers wondering where he went…Nitewalker of SimpleCases, whatever happened to him and others like him? I thought this would be an interesting thread to answer these questions. I am just a curious fan and I hope to get some good responses from this great community of Tech Talk =]

You’re mainly looking at @souji5 and Foehammer. @b15sdm doesn’t do as much as he used to.

We’re around :slight_smile:
I responded to your order inquiry back on 09/01/15
Feel free to check us out @ or send a pm with the details of your request for a quote on a build.