Custom stick cases - Good price?

I was talking to Himura today, and he asked me about selling my cases.
I’m just trying to get an idea for what a good price would be for custom stick cases, such as the ones I have used on my sticks.

At one time, arcade review was selling 2 cases for about 57 bucks
(on-sale price) These cases were really great, I had one. I don’t know what his price was originally.

Chainz was selling his cases for 50 (with shipping included, ready to paint with plastic) which were also good quality.

Basically, what would YOU pay for a good case?
Also, do you prefer the function buttons (start, select) on the face, or on the back, out of the way?

Thanks for any input.

You NEED to countersink those screws. I would not buy a case with screws sticking up like that.

Otherwise they look very good, though my wrists might start hurting from the bottom lip (the wood).

They are, now. that was an unfinished stick. I’m also not using those types of screws with the finished model, as they don’t seem to go so well with the cases. A few people have mentioned this to me already, but thanks for the feedback.

IDK really, obviously you need the money you paid for the materials, then I guess however much you feel is nice for the service. I wouldn’t really want to say a price as I’m actually interested in buying one and I’d probably just say 50c or something. I would pay $50 I know that.

how much to the materials cost and how long does it take you to make a case?

but without knowing that info, id say around 50.

i like the start and select buttons on the face, but not too near the buttons.

$50-60 depending on what the case is made of, how much was customer tailored (meaning, did the customer have any say in where the start/select buttons would be placed, etc), and the level of quality.

$50-60 for one ready-to-go case…

Isn’t that a bit pricy for an unpainted box? I mean, I did mine with about $10 of wood. Sure it took me some time but I wouldn’t buy a case for $50. On top of that, final_cut already showed a website selling two cases for $57… Just my 2cents

Well, the price of a stick is always inflated from the box price (look at dreadeds)

Finkle charges around 60 (not shipped) for a complete box with plastic, painted, and a metal top.

He does, however, live in Canada, which makes shipping more pricy.

i was actually thinking of molding the HSF2, or maybe the Powerstick, and then mass producing and selling it with sanwa parts. i kind of scrapped the idea though, since it’ll cost lots to ship stuff like that. i don’t know people around asia who want this stuff either.

The only thing about the cases for 57 dollars, I think was because the guy was just trying to get rid of them. He hasnt had them available for sale for a good while. I got one a long while ago, seemingly before stick building was so popular. Apparently, he is sick and has some medical issues, so he cant make them now. If he did, I would be all over that.

Yeah I was in contact with that guy for a while. He said he would start making them again but never did. And since that time- about 2 months ago there has been no activity on arcade review. So I guess they are not going to do another production run.

The prices were always the same for his boxes, you could order one for half the price, I used to email him all the time.

But yes, he was planing on making more (same price) but he has fallen ill.

His cases were cnc cut which was great but still required paint and assembly. Final Cut’s will be painted and assembled right?

Mine are all fully assembled. I can paint them or leave them bare. I may even be able to do staining, nut sure yet.

I wonder if he is ok? those were good cases.

I know a ton of people would be interested in getting cases, including me, if you ever choose to do so.

Well, I’m making 4 of them for Himura, I’m gonna start tommorrow. After that, I’m gonna work on some MAS shaped sticks. Himura will have them available on his site.

hmmmm would you ever be making sticks that I could put a seimitsu into?

I have never had a Seimitsu, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that tough. Maybe I’ll order one to see what I can do. Do you use an LS-32 or an LS-32-1? Aren’t those the most commonly used models?

Yes, one just has cherry switches and the 01 has the wire harness.

It’s not really to difficult, it just only needs to be routed the depth of the mounting plate, whereas the sanwa JLF needs a much deeper route.

Just wondering, thanks.

Don’t forget that LS-32 has a flat mounting plate and LS-32-01 has an s-shaped mounting plate. Either way, you just have to route it so that the top is flush with the case.