Custom stick checklist


Hi there!

I recently picked up Street Fighter IV for the PC after not having touched a fighting game in at least 10 years … and I’m getting so much into it again that my gamepad just isn’t cutting it anymore so I’ve started looking around online to purchase an arcade stick to go with it, and properly get back into the genre (ie not only having fun, but actually not sucking in addition to that :3).

After a lot of research, I decided that I actually don’t like any of the sticks currently available on the market. The best one seemed to be the MadCatz TE sticks, but I already know I’d want to be replacing stuff in that. I also simply don’t like the design of it. So this left me with 2 options. Either I go for that and pay a hefty amount of money for a stick I’m not 100% happy with, only to pay even more to mod it so I AM happy with it … or I just make one myself. I’ve decided to go with the second option, hence this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

So anyway, I’ve done a lot of research on different parts and lost count of how many reviews and HOWTO’s I’ve read/watched and have come up with a list of stuff I’d need to create this thing.

I already have all the tools I’d need, so that’s a cost taken away. I also have some (though quite limited) experience with soldering and carpentry, and I’ve got someone to help me out with the parts I’m less confident about. So all that I need is parts and time.

I’ve put together a list of things that I think I need, so what I’d like is basically confirmation on if all my info is correct (I’ve got all the parts, and the parts are actually good)

  • Case (will obviously be the hardest part)
  • PCB (Toodles Cthulu Multi-Console)
  • Joystick (Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT)
  • 8 30mm buttons (Seimitsu, that screwing system looks easier to implement in the actual case design, less precision required)
  • 2 24mm buttons (Seimitsu as well, for start and select))
  • A balltop (Seimitsu, they look pretty amazing)
  • 10 colors quick disconnect wire (which seems to mean that I’ll have to double some colors, seeing as there’s only 8 colors on focusattack :()
  • USB wire
  • Daisy chain wire

I think that’s all I really need, but I’d really appreciate some input as I want to go into this as informed as I possibly can be.

As a side question, something I haven’t really looked into -that- much is building the case. I’ve seen a few videos and forum posts here and there to get an idea though. But are there any hints you can give me when it comes to building one? Maybe things you struggled with when you built your first case that you’d like to share so I don’t have the same issues? Maybe some awesome internal design tips even.

So yeah, I know it’s a lot of questions I’m asking here … but as I said I want to go into this fully prepared. so thanks for any replies! :slight_smile:


Check out

Then check out the last sticky thread in tech talk, that is kind of like a table of contents to random threads.

Also missing from your list is the 10 connection daisy chain wire. Use for common ground.

and a 3 connection daisy chain wire. for the other buttons if 10 isn’t enough.


Ah thanks for linking me that website!
I actually had it stored in my bookmarks, as I found it when it was late and I was like “ehhhh too much text, will check this website out tomorrow” … never got around to doing so. so thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

As for the daisy chain wire, all I can say is whoops. I did actually have that noted on my piece of paper here, but forgot to add it to my post. I suppose I’ll edit that as to not worry anyone else with that.